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Autumn Season Most Beautiful Full
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The further I go,the closer to me I become.The most beautiful experience we can have in life is wandering to a place that somehow reconnects with in ourself,a voyage of self discovery seeking new landscapes,that makes our eagerness our determination and our soul on fire,fire that reminds us to be always the best that we can be...its been a while since the last time I had posted as I partially disconnect from posting on social media to focus more on a project that benefits not just me but a handful of people giving them opportunity to earn money,once every year,our family made it a tradition to go back and revisit my other homeland that whatever I do it still is a part of me,from Tokyo I and my brother (Ayah) rejoin the whole family to visit a place we've been longing to visit for quite a long time after a long journey,here we are at Hunan Province an hour plane ride from Guangzhou south of Beijing,this place is awesome,breathtaking and beyond imagination,and as per my Chinese blood dictates of celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival or The Moon Cake last day,forgive me to greet you a bit late (I had problems with my wifi connection as my vpn didn't work as mainland has impose The Great Fire Wall) but now fix already,I DO HOPE THAT AS THE AUTUMN SEASON OF THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE STARTS IN EXACTLY 6 DAYS FROM NOW ON THE 23rd I AM WISHING YOU ALL A LIFE FULL OF LOVE,HARMONY AND A THOUSAND BLESSINGS,MAY YOU SPREAD LOVE AND HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE...HAPPY MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL TO ALL OF YOU...ZHONGQIU KUAILE PENGYOU! much love from me and my family ❤️🍁💙 ... salomeuy dchua812 hotdragon64 msindira_mtiu ladyofie shirleymaya john01cheng sicarlylebeergin rgescamos jdizzy84 snickers_viy iamemjaydelosreyes polca.taynew bachelorchicks010604 chloedelena beth_730 anangiwn king_jose596 mnd86 atty_gleim pagunurankarl gifterism davinceephotos hamashima31 ivylim209 gusi56 bongdemano jude_off_duty jrgalaura lagoonbowl zilchappy jetmoflip paulomark makkwality mermzzie and to all I haven't mentioned my apology,as I wish you all another season full of Love Compassion and Hope ❤️🍁🍂💙 Good Morning from Guangdong Province,Sept 17 2019,Guangdong,China
Autumn - Typically, I’ve always loved fall. The cooler weather, watching football on the couch, slowing down. This year I was met with fall in another light. Dread, weariness and ‘blah’ presented itself to me. I thought maybe it was because the cool weather hasn’t come yet (it’s forecasted to be 90 degrees F today). And my fall seasonal allergies are in full swing, that’s got to be why I’m so tired and weary. .
Then I read the Autumn section in the book ‘Spirit Almanac’ (spiritalmanac) by emmaloewe and Lindsay Kellner (wellaware_). I felt at home reading of autumn in a romantic, beautiful way. Autumn is a decrescendo. They write ‘A display of fiery foliage is Mother Nature’s way of showing that even the most beautiful things aren’t permanent - it’s a performance of her final number before she releases it all and retires till spring.’
They go on to say ‘Abandoning the ease and joy of summer can leave us feeling anxious as we begin to clear the slate for the long winter ahead.’ And later talk about the chill in the air and rise of seasonal allergies. In these words, I found solace. My anxiousness of long, cold days stuck inside and my weariness from the turn in weather are all part of the journey. Our annual journey. Suddenly, my desire to sit and rest felt poetic and planned instead of guilt and shame (I need to enjoy these last hot days, yet I don’t enjoy being in that intense fall sun heat). I allowed myself to rest and follow my days as needed. It’s wonderful how much better life can be enjoyed when we’re not trying to resist our desires. .
Mother Nature’s little reminder that you are amazing no matter what you desire and how you proceed. Thank you Mother Nature! .
Pictured: A couple of the orders I sent out today. 20 Hey You’re Amazing greeting cards and 1 yard of Monks cloth, neatly wrapped in eco friendly packaging and accompanied with the complimentary greeting card. Did you know each and every order shipped out carries a free greeting card?? My little gift to you to spread the love and abundance. .
xx Shawna .
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I’ve been out for the count thanks for a horrifically sore tooth. I have been hiding away full of painkillers and antibiotics, looking through autumn photos I’ve had yet to post I found this. Quite possibly the most beautiful season. The leaves burst with colour and nowhere looks more beautiful than the Scottish Borders. Very often overlooked in favour of Perthshire the Borders is full of colour and life. Beautiful abbeys and big meadows. I love this time of year.
#scottishcountryside #autumn #landscapelovers #nature #autumnleaves #historicscotland #photography #igersscotland #instauk #uk_greatshots #photographylovers #scottishborders #scottish #scotland #loves_scotland #visitscotland #scotspirit #lovescotland #hiddenscotland #thisisscotland #explorescotland #visualsofscotland #outstandingscotland #scotlandmagazine #ig_scotland
My angelically gorgeous #heroine and my immaculately beautiful online #friend Caprice Bourret (capricebourret). 💕

Welcome to another wonderful #WomanCrushForever 💕 post here on my Instagram Account, everybody.

Congratulations and well done to Lady Caprice (capricebourret) 💕 for being announced as being one of the next celebrity contestants who will feature in the new series of Dancing On Ice (dancingonice) ⛸️ on itv which starts in January 2020. I shall be supporting ONLY her, of course.

Lady Caprice will always be THE most flawlessly gorgeous businesswoman and THE most imperiously irresistible supermodel on Earth whose peerlessly ageless beauty will effortlessly make my heartbeat race ONLY for her.

The #Autumn season is usually a very busy time for this lovely lady and her superb company, By Caprice (bycapricehome). 💕

What is really lovely is that this exceptionally brave, headstrong and alluringly adorable American blonde bombshell herself already knows all about my ongoing crush for her since 1996 and my complete support and full loyalty and adoration ONLY for her, and that she sweetly approves of my endless affection just for her to this day.

Caprice Valerie Bourret will always be my one and only Queen 👑, and ONLY she will captivate my heart. Forever.

capricebourret - Congratulations on your future appearance on Dancing On Ice (dancingonice). My heartbeat always races ONLY for you and your immaculately angelic beauty, Lady Cap.

Always my Queen 👑. Stay lovely, my dear Miss Bourret.

God Bless. 👍😁💗✌️💞💗💞💗

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