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Siren Family Tree
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“I'm just sitting here in the dark
I needed a little solitude [Verse 1]

I seem to be lost in my own thoughts
Reality is chasing my dreams
My cries seem to be mistaken for screams
No trust in my eyes, can't believe the shit that i've seen
Follow my lead and end up in a place thats serene
Sirens ring in my ear
Night scene teens everywhere
Pipe screens, smell the fiends in the air
Light green when I stare
But i'm still hoping to hear the same shit i've been hoping for years
Sign right here, mark blot John Hancock been ready
Thought it'd make my heart stop feel my palms get sweaty
Ive done this since the date of my birth
Felt so wrong the shit made my emotions reverse
Had my heart beating fast as fuck had to back shit up
Settle down for a while thought i was acting up
Money will make you a slave
Love will make you a fool
God paved the way, i'm never losing my cool
Understand i'm a man cause of circumstance
I was dealt this hand so i'm focused fam
Ignorance is bliss,confidence is just that i am
I'm Attila The Hun maybe a Genghis Khan
Black viking i'm getting it on
My music has been right you was listening wrong
Young nigga try and take my plight
Punchlines is clever but you niggas can't have my synclavier
And thats why i flow so better you don't know no better
Never learned about money, won't own no cheddar
Bet I learned about money at the age of 13 in vegas doing my thing
Exotic gators
Me and my team, my old head had me at the vibe party with Jennifer Lopez
Spitting game like Gomez, here’s a twist, before I had braids I was Trying to grow dreads
Bred by the thoroughbreds it ain't hard to tell
Check my family tree, what you expect from me
Poppa got it in bricks
I'm a chip off the old block and i'm lost in the Rock”- #stackbundles
Los Angeles, Usa.
2019 .
I painted this mural at the Maya Angelo Middle and High School in South Central, Los Angeles. 
It is based off a photo I took walking around the neighborhood a few days before starting the wall.
I was walking around looking for ideas to paint and passed by a Mexican America family, cooking in their front yard. Started chatting with them and they quickly became friendly and offered some food. I asked if I could take photos to have as ideas for my mural and they happily agreed. In one of the photos I took Nico (the 4 year old kid in the front right) all of a sudden jumped in to frame confused. Knowing that he wanted be in the photo but wasn’t sure where to stand. He in front of the shot just where the patch of sun light was hitting, while the family was laughing and telling him to come with them. I thought this was a charming moment. It felt honest and mundane enough.
The concept of this wall is very similar to this feeling of simplicity in every day life. Our palpable and quotidian truth. The people we live and spend time with and the interaction between us. 
During my time at the school I was able to give a mural workshop on the subject of “Home”. Together with l.e.other teaching over 40 kids. Despite our different backgrounds, and age gaps this commonality became very obvious. I created a strong bond with many of them. We played football (soccer) every day, ate together, chatted, laughed and painted. Our differences some how only served as a strong link for interaction and conversation. Hearing kids list things like helicopter sounds, sirens, gangs or shots, as well as Tacos, Pupusas, toys on the front yard and palm trees. When asked what reminds them of home. Brings me to think that even though the context is different the feeling of home is the same. I have the impression we are all very similar, and we create borders as opposed to bridges with in our differences. This reminds me that in essence, for what ever this foolish word means, “We are all immigrants”. Photos by wiseknave and axelvoid
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