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#Snow #Winter #Cold-Temperature #Frost #Ice #Frozen #White #Nature #Outdoors #Backgrounds #Weather
Inktober 2019, 11 - Snow (neige) "- C'est bon, vieux ? C'est le printemps ?
- Non poto, désolé, tu peux te rendormir.
- Grmblr..." "-It's ok, pal ? Is summer here ?
- Not yet dude, sorry. You can sleep more.
- Grmblr..." Hugo Letellier

#inktober #inktober2019 #inktoberday11 #snow #neige #nuit #night #dinosaure #dinosaur #chouette #owl #dessin #drawing #illustration #rennes
❄️ Last night marked the end of #WorldMentalHealthDay, but I was reluctant to post this because by no means does WMHD mark the end of the destigmatizing conversations surrounding mental health and illness. I also recognize that it’s a snow day for most, so I thought that I’d take to social media to share this amazing quote from last night’s HAVEN event, hosted by umpeaceofmind:
“Winter is the perfect metaphor for depression. You know how anxious you get just dreading stepping outside into the cold and snow? Some people feel like that every single day, no matter what the outdoors look like. You know that hope you have that this will all pass and Spring will be on its way to you, with all of its sunshine and warmth? Some of these same people can’t see the end of their Winter and it’s in your power to stand by them until they get to their Spring.” - azka.jpg
From the bottom of my heart, I’d also like to thank all of myumsu’s Fall 2019 Mental Health Week partners: jackdotorg, cmhambwpg, uofm_activeminds, umes_eng, healthyuofm, umpeaceofmind, umanitoba and others - who offer great resources for students!
📸: anthonymalabedlorica
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