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Flower Border Png
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Hi guys! Since this is a highly asked question, “How do you edit your posts?” “What apps do you use?” today, it is going to be shown and answered!

My main apps that I use are:

VSCO - Filters
Afterlight - Filters, light leaks
Storyluxe - Film borders
Instants - Polaroid borders
Picsart - Collage

I get my background images off of Pinterest and I get my tape motives or other motives like flowers, butterflies, etc, off of Google. Do make sure they’re in their png format, essentially when you search, add in ‘png’

Flower png
Once you have everything you want for your image, use Picsart to collage it all together, I do not use the “collage” function in Picsart, I simply choose the photo and start adding more photos using their “Add photo” function.

Once I have rearrange everything to the way I like it, I simply save and tweak the filters. Some of my images are scans of Polaroids which means I took the photo using a Polaroid and I scan in the Polaroid using a scanner.

I hope you find this mini tutorial useful for you! I started editing like this because I was inspired by Desi Perkins and I just like the idea of collages because they give a person feel. *I use free apps except for Afterlight and certain presets in Storyluxe requires you to purchase them.
Nice poster, is not it?

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