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Many People Have Died Climbing K2
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When I'm riding it feels like I have the whole world in the palm of my hand. Sometimes it's just another empty peanut butter jar. Sometimes it's both. Leaving Mud Lake I immediately came upon a ranger with his truck across the road. He was stopping all traffic and turning them around. Not too far back, the way I had come, there had been a collision. Two people had died. Their minivan crossed the centreline and hit a bus. I felt bad for what had happened but was relieved I didn't have to witness it. There wasn't much traffic, and word must have gotten out over people's radios because I didn't see many for the rest of the day. The next intersection is 230km in front of me, and the last 100km behind. Still dropping elevation since the Sunwapta Pass, I did climb the relatively small Messiter Summit at 785m. It rewarded me with views of a massive lightning strike fire from the late 90s. One photo shows the criss cross of old hastily cut roads they built in order to salvage the burnt trees before insects got to them. It was a PR campaign for BC lumber - who need it very much. But they will be very busy over the coming years as climate change shifts the rains, dries the wood, and the eventual storm that does come causes increasing levels of forest fires and devastation. A quiet day on the road brought me into Clearwater. Where the local visitor centre welcomed me to stay on their lawn, or said I could try the local campground 5km outside of town which was closed for the winter - no one should check. Fearing that someone would check, I set up shop at Tim Hortons and waited for sundown. As I cycled out of town the sky turned black and passing cars must have thought I was nuts - it felt nuts. I waited for a break and cut across the highway, turning off my lights so not to be seen and crept through the dirt roads to find a pitch. I settled on one where I could hear but not see the passing Thompson River. As usual these days, I slept in all my clothes, despite having a winter sleeping bag. Gettin' chilly!
In order to see any real change and growth, you need to HATE where you are at, more than you fear doing the work.
Too many people start with huge goals, they take the necessary action to climb the mountain, but once they get to a flat spot mid way through, they stop, they look back, and see how far they've come.
They redirect their focus.
And they start to look backwards.
They fail to keep looking forward, to keep climbing the mountain, and look at how much further they have to the top.
They start to fear the work they still have left more than they fear not accomplishing what they set out to do.
They lower their standard to tolerate how far they've come.
Quit tolerating your life.
Quit tolerating where you are at with your business.
Because in business, the second you start to tolerate where you are, you stop growing.
And the day you stop growing, is the day your business starts dying.
Stop looking at how far you've come, and look at how much you still have left to conquer.
Then take the necessary action to get there 🚀
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