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Lovely Red - VJ loops
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Ironman Maryland - it was indeed a good day! Not perfect, but I am so happy to report that my heart and head were strong and in it all day. I went 10:09, finishing 3rd in my absurdly strong division and 4th woman overall 🤗

I started right up front when the canon went off for the swim in the Choptank River. The first loop was smooth with open space and clear sighting. One goggle lens filled completely with water and I didn’t even notice because the water was the exact salinity of tears. How lovely is that? Loop two was crowded, chaotic and I veered off course by a couple of minutes. A jellyfish sting covered my left forearm, burning for hours, but I was kinda proud of it, like a rite of passage to swim in that sublime water. 2.4 mile swim: 1:02

Once I got rolling on the bike I thought, “ok let’s GO.” Annnd my legs were dead. Wait. Wha? Why? But it didn’t matter how I FELT because I KNEW what I was prepared for. So I executed, pushed, fueled and dug into wind across the marshes and dusty farmland. And 45 miles in, my legs came around and felt powerful the rest of the ride. I picked people off and worked my way into second place overall. 112 mile ride: 5:03

After a quick shoe change to start the marathon (that moment is always weird) I got my legs under me and felt steady. It was hot, 80s and humid. I dumped ice everywhere and hydrated obsessively. Around run mile 12, I thought I was caving, getting dizzy. I threw water, salt and caffeine at it, pulled out of the hole and regained control. 
Out and backs along the river let me keep an eye on the women just ahead and just behind and Mark gave me great updates. The eventual winner passed me early on, out of my league, but I kept at it. 
Oh it was painful and labored but these things should be hard. I chose to lean into the discomfort, stay present and keep at it.

One last girl eventually passed me at mile 22ish. Yep, that was a bummer. I picked up the pace ever so slightly to at least TRY, but she pulled away. That’s honestly the first time I’ve ever been able to step up so deep in a race. And when I got there, that red carpeted finishing chute was comforting and welcome as ever. 26.2 mile run: 3:55 🥉
You know it's crazy to me that the first glimpse of rwby that most of us know and love was the red trailer posted on may 29, 2012 after the season finale of red vs blue season 10 and has been out for six years.  Not only that but the first chapter of volume one was poster on July 25, 2013 over 5 years ago.  I personally can't remember many memories from that far in the past but I've been watching for that long.  And to see how I've grown,  how the characters have grown and how rooster teeth animation has grown is amazing.  Considering that they started off as a web series makers making funny shows with a serious undertone and this was Monty's chance to change the course of being stuck in that loop.  As one of rt's first more serious shows it was a more hit or miss thing.  But it's fame and kept it more than alive.  And now they are working with the Micheal B Jordan and many other famous voice actors to make gen:lock. .
.  After typing the first 2 chapters I realized that insta has a 2000 character limit so I have to go through docs so I'mma work on it some time. .
.  For the people that don't feel like reading all of it when it comes out cause who would here's my short overview.  Ch1 train.  Ch2 lamp.  Ch3 storytime.  Ch4 trig.  Ch5 neo.  Ch6 apathy. Ch7 Maria.  Ch8 eyes.  Ch9 depression.  Ch10 ADAM?. Ch11 meck.  CH12 YANG.  Ch13 SUMMER. 
It all started here..
I still remember that day.. the day she ignored you and you got all emotional. The day you had your first heart to heart conversation. The day I realised  she is already in love with you❤

A lot of things happened since that day. You guys were in love. Together.I believed it would be forever. But little did I know forever was short. Soon things went bad and everything ended. 
How are you now?  Have you changed? Still addicted to that Jumbo cheese burger you loved?
‌Do you still listen to the same songs you guys used to listen? Don't you miss holding her hands while you drive? Do you secretly look at her the way you used to? Maybe that's what made her addicted to you . ‌ 
I know her. She searches for you in every crowd. She searches for your car . She still notices a fancy number plate and thinks of you. Her eyes still rummage for a red car every time she is on the road. She secretly prays to see you everyday. She glances over all your old conversations, photos and everything that reminds her of you. She always listens to something. The songs you sung for her are on loop. ‌

You always had a way to make her laugh. She definitely knew how to control you. The both of you were perfect for eachother.You were strong. Wasn't your love above all those issues? Wasn't she enough for you? Or is there much more to that story?? The way you reconciled after every  fight taught me what true love is. What happened to your immense love for eachother? What went wrong?
Nice poster, is not it?

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