Poster Alternate History North America

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Alternate History North America
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October 14, 2019-Christopher Columbus Day (2nd Monday of Oct. every year). We all learned in our  childhood years that  Christopher Columbus was the first who discovered America- But apparently history has changed! 
There are in fact, alternative theories that claim he was the last who reached America, and he just opened America to Europe through the Atlantic Ocean.

While I was visiting the “Kensington Runestone Museum”, in Alexandria Mn. I noticed that there is a controversial new theory about the ”Vikings”, from Scandinavian Countries in Europe who were first to set foot in North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus!

Their settlements, houses and other original remains were evident and thought provoking while I was merging into their History. #History#historyvikings #histoyfacts#nativeamericanhistory
Book #67 of 2019 | When You Ask Me Where I’m Going by Jasmin Kaur⁣
Jasmin Kaur’s debut novel encompasses a collection of stunning poetry perfect for lovers of Rupi Kaur and Elizabeth Acevedo. Kaur alternates between short stories and poetry, accompanied by illustrations. Her collection tells the story of Kiran who flees a history of trauma and raises her daughter Sahaara in North America. Delving into the themes surrounding Kaur’s culture including sexual assault, immigration, mental health, and healing. ⁣
There is something for everyone in Kaur’s work. The writing is both incredibly timely and timeless. I didn’t find myself relating to all of her work, but for the poems that did to speak to me, I just want to mentally paste those in my head forever. I found Kiran’s storyline a little difficult to follow, but I ended up using Kaur’s poems as a form of reflection for the experiences I have had in my own life. This is one of those books that you can keep referring back to time and time again. If you’re a Rupi Kaur fan, I recommend picking this one up. ⁣
Thank you so much booksparks and harpercollinsus for a finished copy!
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