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The 20 best horror films on Netflix
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Crawl is an original horror film, the story is original with scary alligators, very creepy scenes, the film is not a horror movie like Annabelle or US, it's a disaster horror movie,  spectacular by its hurricane and scary by these crocodiles.
The actors are not bad, the film is not long, the blood (when alligators devours humans) is gore. The movie doesn't want to be the best movie of the year, but just a good effective and cool B-Movie.

Lion king is not a movie, it's a rotten animal documentary that can't be good. I'm not a fan of the animated film, I find it excellent and interesting but there, Lion king the scam of the year. After the movie to good things , the special effects are incredible and brilliant, the realization that is simple but effective, The music is always good . But if not, the film has a bad story, It has lengths, bad humor, Very good ideas but the film uses them poorly.
ALADDIN was amazing, I loved them (one of the best movies this year), DUMBO was beautiful , one of the best films of this year. LION KING is rotten, one of the worst movies of the year 
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A little late with this post for #horrorsistersspooktacularcelebration I've been sick all weekend so bear with me.

The next person I choose to represent Pride in horror is Drew Barrymore. Drew, who identifies as bisexual, has been a prominent figure in horror films for a long time. 
Beginning her career with the sci fi horror movie, Altered States, she has continued to appear in various roles in horror films/series. Most recently, she starred in Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet but her most notable horror role is that of Casey Becker in Wes Craven's Scream. Arguably one of the best (and most memorable) opening scenes, Drew's presence elevated it to a level that left its mark on cinema forever. 
Drew Barrymore is the epitome of America's sweetheart. We've watched her grow up and become the successful, talented, and beautiful woman that she is today. Beloved by all, her iconic performances will be remembered for many years to come.
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Dead Trigger

Mike Cuff
Scott Windhauser

A virus has spread across the world turning millions of people into zombies. The special forces unit known as the “CSU” recruits a group of the best video game players to go on a suicide mission to the heart of the apocalypse to help save humanity. The group of players known as the “Dead Trigger Unit” are lead to battle by the legendary Captain Kyler Walker who has killed the most zombies out of anyone in the world. They are the government's last elite military squad and the fate of the world is in their hands in this video game adaptation.

When this released I wanted to pick it up for some odd reason. It could’ve been the drought of zombie films at the time or because of Dolph Lundgren being the main star and all over the cover. I ended up grabbing a copy for $3 or $4 and just got finished watching it. I’m going to start off by saying until know I had no idea this had anything to do with the mobile game I played back in 2012 that was very mediocre but at times fun. This is a perfect example of a cash grab by using a small video game's success in hopes the film will sell well enough to pay for the main action star who requested he be the only one on the artwork of the Blu-ray release. What shocked me the most is that Dolph Lundgren has a big role in the film and to save you some trouble of watching it and sort of one of the only survivors. The editing, acting, and plot of this film are very bad and I don’t really see why Lionsgate picked it up even for home video release. The ending gives us a minor twist that made me cringe and I really ended up asking myself why did I watch this. I read that the first director and actual creators of the game left the film after creative differences and the final project was nothing they wanted. Goes to show no matter what once you sign a contract they can move on without you.

I’d give this film a 2/10.

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Dinner with Dianne was lovely and lucky enough we hadn’t bumped into anymore paparazzi. We were driving back to mine for drinks instead of going to a bar. My hand was resting on her thigh and her hand was on top of mine, our fingers intertwined. Dianne was always the best company to have, ever since we were little. In all honestly, I have missed her a lot. But I guess we never found the time to meet or talk when Anthony was in the picture. We pulled into the car park below my apartment, I found a space and we both got out. We held hands on the short walk back to mine. I unlocked my apartment door and we went over to the sofa. Dianne collapsed onto it and we both burst out laughing. I sat next to her and we cuddled together. “Di, do you want to watch a film or go up to bed?” I asked her “Umm I am quite tired but I guess we could watch a film. How about IT?” I was glad that Dianne had picked IT because that meant I’d get more cuddles. “Are you sure? IT can be quite scary” I looked at her, hoping she wouldn’t change her mind. “Yes I’m sure Joseph and I’m sure if I get scared you’ll cuddle me!” She had a cheeky grin plastered on her face. “Of course I will, come here” I gestured for her to climb onto my lap. She rested her head on my chest while I wrapped my arms around her waist. Dianne intertwined our fingers as she held my hands in place. I switched the TV on and found Netflix. Once I’d searched for IT, I pressed play and grabbed a blanket to cover us. 
To be completely honest, I HATE horror films. I don’t see how some people can watch them and not flinch or get scared one bit. They absolutely terrify me. I’m glad I’ve got Joe to cuddle up to though. He’s always so cute and likes to make sure I’m okay. The film had been on about 30 minuets and out of nowhere, the TV looked like it had turned off. About 2 seconds later, it turned back on and a clown, know as Pennywise, jumped out. It scared the absolute shit out of me and I screamed really loudly. Joe jumped when he heard me screaming and instantly pulled me closer to him. I turned around and smiled “Thanks Joe” he looked at me confused 👇👇
Just finished watching the new Stephen King flick on Netflix. Me being a fan of weird ambiguous stories, definitely enjoyed it. If you go see this film with an open mind, not expecting fleshed out characters or everything explained, I think you'll have a good time. The first and second act are the best imo. Would have wanted something a bit different from the third. Its well paced, shot and acted. Simple but effective. The movie leans more towards suspense than horror. 🎃 7/10 🎃👍
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