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Stuck at the Airport - A travel and airport blog by ...
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Spontaneous Trip part 1❤🎈
1 week ago I was stuck in office. Exhausted of studying and missing my husband. 
My husband studies in ireland and I study in Germany. 
I sat in the office on friday and found a flight from #Amsterdam to #dublin ✈
But since I am in Germany I had to travel to Amsterdam. My semester ticket is valid to Venlo. 
That was my destinations first big stop.
It was so amazing just to sit in the train and see the beauty of Mothernature 🥰
When I reached Venlo my next stop was Schiphol airport 🤗
After a short and sweet trip to New Orleans, I was reminded just how overwhelming traveling can be. So, I felt I should mini-blog my latest travel musts: .
📿 TIGERS EYE CRYSTAL. I have a severe fear of flying (turbulence gives me extreme anxiety). I breezed through it on this trip. I wore 4 tigers eye crystal bracelets from loveashlinajewelry . TIGERS EYE is the crystal for resilience in overwhelming situations. It was also helpful when the building next to us collapsed & we were evacuated from our breakfast. 🤦🏻‍♀️. Now, I will never travel without them. .
📂 EVERNOTE APP. It has literally revolutionized my life. It helps to organize all your notes, lists and things to remember. I have a travel notebook broken down by city with lists of restaurants, shops, galleries, etc. also, while you’re traveling, you can take & save photos of maps, business cards or menus for your files. It’s a life saver. Seriously. .
🗺 WRITE AN INTENTIONAL ITINERARY. or at least write down your top 3 priorities of what you want to experience while on your trip. This helps with 2 things. 1) when you know before hand exactly what you want to see or do, it takes the pressure off of finding something last minute. 2) In a big town with a LOT of things to see & do, It can be overwhelming to decide. When you only choose your intentional priorities, you can relax and enjoy the impromptu events, interesting conversations with strangers & magical street performances. .
🧠 ASK QUESTIONS. Don’t hesitate to speak up for yourself. Asking about flight upgrades may just surprise you, asking what you shouldn’t miss at a restaurant may get you an incredible meal or even asking your Uber driver for hotspots may help you get to know the city better. .
🧸BRING A BLANKET. Seriously, I will never leave home without my travel blanket again. barefootdreams makes the softest and best sized blankets for travel. They’re good for the plane, if you get stuck at airport on a long fight delay, freezing cold hotel rooms or anywhere with subpar bedding. Trust. .
💭 If you have any favorite travel tips, please let me know in the comments,  looking to enhance my experience even more.
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