Poster 16 Reasons To Cherish Disney

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16 Reasons To Cherish Disney
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My girls, my heart, my reason why.  I just can’t express how much I owe to these women right here.  The one on the left keeps me grounded and focused.  The one on the right motivates me and keeps me focused on my goals.  Focus on family first and the rest follows. ❤️❤️
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There is a Purpose for everything.... and while yes none of us know what the future may hold sometimes we hold on to the past and wish we could have done things different. However, it is the past, the present is a gift cherish it, and the future is yet to come. I was asked how I do it. There is no magic and we never post everything that goes in our lives. I like to post the positive. It is never easy. Life is that life and we fight to make it better.  It will hit you left and right. Health issues. Deceptions. Heart brakes. Disillusion. Love. Hope. Strength. Courage. It's what makes you. You.  But never give up, for it's not in how we hold up is how many times we can get back up. 
Took me years in wondering what my purpose was. Got hit with so many battles my body couldnt  endure more, but somehow it was strong enough to carry the most precious gift of all. LIFE. I didn't think I could ever be more grateful for all that I have been through. Cancer took so much and yet gave me so much. I will never understand the illness. I will never ask why but I will say I got this. I get it. Ok. One more punch. Becuase one more punch brought me you. 
From being dying death bound where only my mother could hold me. No hair no color. No reason to move on. To full set of hair. Strong nails. Yes it's a girl thing. To holding life in my arms. And feeling beautiful once again. I have to post for those who need HOPE AND COURAGE TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD.... sound like a Disney movie. Maybe it's my son lol but he is the reason I keep moving forward. Yes second pic has a filter who doesnt. But he sees me for everything and all that I am. 
For #breastcancerawareness month for every month and every #cancer. We are not alone. 
I'm still fighting and for an even better reason now. #hope #fightforacure #dontgiveup #cancersucks #life #survivor #cancersurvivor #cancerawareness #cancerwarrior #warrior #thyroidcancer #thyroidcancersurvivor #notalone #love #stillbreathing #myreason #mylove #foryouismile #foryouifight #foryouilive
Proud Mom warning ⚠️Tale of the Lion King edition.  Zipping down to Anahiem for another Opening Show for my beautiful Daughter is one of the crazy things that I do the I cherish. On face value it’s an exciting day full of magical entertainment where I am in awe of all of the performers and the production that has been created.  For me, the added layer that leads to my squeals of delight that I just can’t hold back, is the hours of trials and tribulations that stand before the magic of opening day. The layers of auditions, waiting game to casting, delight or disappointment of getting cast, excitement of rehearsals starting, perfecting the steps and looks and energy of the show, hard hard work and long hours of preparation, fueling your spirit and body to sustain you under varied conditions and so much more.  These are the reasons my heart explodes with pride and joy at what my daughter does. The Tale of the Lion King at DCA was truly wondrous and will hold so many fabulous memories.  Thank you to my beautiful cousin knottyhooker326 for making the trek to the pride lands with me - love you to the moon and back and I love that we’ll have so many memories to look back on from our Disney adventures!  Congratulations kaycee_solorio on another spectacular opening day - I love you beyond measure Boo and I am in awe and inspired by you daily! 💕🦁👑 #mooboo #taleofthelionking
I’m absolutely honored & at a loss for words that the Homecoming crown of 2019 had actually been bestowed upon me by the living goat himself griffin.buchan accompanied with with stunning 2018 Queen lilaquish during the halftime show. For all the support, commotion, and antics created amoungst my friends and fellow peers to get me in this position of royalty, I cannot express my graditude enough.  I’ve essentially been called King my whole life; rolecall sheets, government documents, u name it. However, since this title was officially graced upon my body 2 nights back, its felt a little..different. A little more..authentic. I can now take meaning in when I say my name and that was only made possible by the power of the people on this campus. But it obviously wasn’t the crown that made the Hoco Expirience what it was for me. it was the things like riding down Del Mar with a fire truck close behind bc I had krysta_hansell in the convertible with me. Or autumnfergusonn carrying me to final round with her mesmerizing dance moves. We’ve come such a long way as a class and representing that is something I’ll cherish forever. S/o to jewel.craft as my queen. (avidschs 4ever) But of course the queen has to have a Northridge bound baller boyfriend in lp.27 ⚾️⚾️, it’s whatever tho🤷‍♂️. The Disney themed week has made me realize the power of love and friendship in a community so if anyone needs someone to reach out to for any reason, u got a friend in me 🤠
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