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Bakugan Battle Brawlers
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[Off topic:] Hello everyone! Sorry for not much dynasty warriors or koei lately, but I been playing Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and its gotten really intense. Like I got so hyped when I saw Shun for the first time on the game, unlocking him in FREE MODE! In plus I got to watch the new charmed. I've been having like THE BEST weekend ever! Anyways, GNight everyone. [Tags:] #charmedreboot #bakugan #koei #koeiwarriors #dynastywarriors4 #dynastywarriors #dynastywarriors9
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Lot of 16 + 41 Cards. Find me on Mercari @ mommyapproved and or Ebay @ masonapproved  #bakugan #bakuganbattlebrawlers #tradingcardgame #pokemon
Hoy, 10 de Octubre, es el cumpleaños de la seiyū de la Prefectura de Chiba, Nao Takamori.

Afiliada a afiliada a Mausu Promotion, Nao es reconocida por prestar su voz a personajes de anime como Wavern (Bakugan Battle Brawlers), Mendori (Little Bear), Carim Gracia (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS), entre otros o de videojuegos como Kaede (saga Onimusha), Saki (saga The Oneechanbara), Katarina Cott (Suikoden IV o Suikoden Tactics), y varios más.

En la franquicia de Sonic the Hedgehog ella presta su voz a la princesa de otra dimensión y guardiana de las Sol Emeralds, Blaze the Cat. ¡Le deseamos un muy feliz cumpleaños de parte de la comunidad y un gran agradecimiento por su aporte a la franquicia!

#NaoTakamori #VoiceActress #Seiyū #Japón #Chiba #MausuPromotion #BlazeTheCat #Blaze
So I took a trip to Fort Worth to visit Jett Kuso and some of the other brawlers from the North Texas Brawlers Discord as well as compete in their unofficial Bakugan Tournament!!! I didn’t do to great tbh, but I had the most AMAZING time! I made a lot of new friends, learned a whole lot more about the game, and got to throw-down with some of the best brawlers out there! I can’t wait to go back some day, or maybe they can come to Multiverse if we ever host a tournament of our own! Had an amazing time and I can’t wait to battle again! Bakugan, brawl!!! bakugan #bakugan #bakuganbattleplanet #tcg #tcgtournament #collected #pyrus #aquos #ventus #haos #darkus #aurelus
Hey, guys! So our South Texas Brawlers group now officially has a home base at Multiverse Games! After our first meetup day, our group decided that we were gonna add Sunday to our Bakugan meetups so whoever couldn’t make it on Saturday could still have a chance to brawl!Join our Discord server if you’d like to get in touch with our community, but please, ONLY JOIN THE DISCORD IF YOU ARE TEXAS LOCAL!!! I look forward to seeing you all on the battle field! bakugan #bakugan #bakuganbattleplanet #tcg #sanantonio #multiversegamessatx
Just revealed at Psycho Turtle's #Bakugan Age of Aurelus TCG Set Pre-release: The gamestop Exclusive AO Battle Pack!

We heard you, Brawlers: You love our friends takaratomytoys eye for style. New-in-box collectors will adore the Japanese packaging it comes in!
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