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Happy birthday to the one and only christianhosoi!!Pictured here at our first ever Rock to Recovery® Fundraiser in 2016, on the red carpet with our Founder wesgeer.  As the story goes, Christian and Wes have been friends since both were struggling w addiction in Huntington Beach, CA during the 90’s.  Now both have gone on to find recovery, and carry their message of hope for others struggling.  Christian has long been known as one of the most legendary skaters in the history of the sport, a true innovator in every way.  Now Christian is also a Pastor and travels the world carrying the message.  Christian thanks for all you’ve done for skating and thank you for all you continue to do with your Powerful story and message. (📸RickHornMedia)
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Last month we walked along the largest tombolo of the UK to reach the small tied island of St. Ninian in Shetland. As you can see in our photos, it was a particularly misty evening, which gave our hike a fantastic atmosphere.

After glacial times, much of Shetland became a flooded landscape as the lower ends of its valleys drowned beneath the rising waters. Numerous sea inlets - the 'voes' now characteristic of Shetland - were formed. In addition, rising sea levels reworked sediments to produce stunning sandy or shingle beaches, bars and tombolos like St. Ninian's.

The chapel on St. Ninian's Isle (3rd photo) is famous for its "treasure": 28 Pictish silver objects and the jaw bone of a porpoise which were buried under a cross-marked slab close to the altar.

The "treasure" was of several different styles and was thought to be the collection of a family rather than ecclesiastical and includes bowls, weaponry and jewellery.

People believed that the Church would not be violated and that it was therefore a good place in which to hide things for safekeeping. Whilst tragedy may have overtaken the owners, the treasure was indeed safe until 1958 when a Shetland schoolboy working on the excavation discovered it.

The silver is in the National Museum of Scotland, but replicas can be seen in the Shetland Museum.

The treasure may have been buried at the end of the 8th or beginning of the 9th century AD, when Viking raids on Scotland first began. Alternatively, as the objects show signs of significant use, they may have been hidden centuries later.

The site was excavated in the late 1950s and in 2000/2001 and the graveyard demonstrates a continuity of pre Christian and Christian burial. The earliest burials were in long cists, stone boxes which were aligned north-south. The bodies were laid on their sides with their knees drawn up to their chests. A group of babies, aligned east-west and with tiny crosses at their heads were buried under empty cists and may represent the point at which Christian practices were being introduced, with pre Christian tradition still lingering. (You can see more photos and videos of St. Ninian's isle in my highlights)
Bible and beach countdown starts now. I recommend this for everyone to come whether you never heard of Jesus, or whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life. My first experience was amazing and was baptized. Being a Christian makes me feel like a way better and positive person being around goal is to get people to become Christians and come to bible and beach.(swipe to see dates.)
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