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Best live for Tablets
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We’re in Texas for our last Popcast Live! of 2019. 800 folks will be in the room tomorrow night and we’re inviting you to livestream the show from your couch!
When? Saturday, October 12 at 7pm CST.
How? Best Friends of the Show ($7 supporter level) get access. If you aren’t a supporter, visit (link in bio) and sign up. If you’re already a $3 supporter, simply upgrade to $7.
Where? The stream will air live from our Patreon feed which you can watch via phone, tablet, computer or cast to your TV. Read (link in bio) to learn more.
What If? Watch live or anytime in the 48 hours after it airs.
Who? We hired a livestream team of three video and audio professionals who do this as their day job. Nothing but the best for Best Friends.
What Now? Sign up to be a Best Friend watch our live show as well as get access to the past year’s worth of premium content. (link in bio)
Note: If you are already a BFOT, the livestream link and FAQ is in Patreon now.
Inside the world of turmeric is another dimension. One eco system with crevices and nectar hidden from the tablets you swallow to soothe your arthritic fingers. The beautiful plants are beings of life whose presence in my garden over the period of two growing seasons which it takes to make the best turmeric give shelter to so many different species. Frogs keep cool in the curled leaves during the heat of the day. Anole creep along the stems eating flies and mosquitoes. Spiders hide inside the blossoms in hopes of snagging a gnat .  Chipmunks burrow beneath the heavily mulched soil to hide their larder of nuts for winter. Deer slink between the rows as if they cannot be seen and keep cool lying beneath the shade. Often I even take a nap in the shaded rows while sweet scent of the blissfully sweet blossoms teases my senses. All the love for this incredible plant is growing towards a cup of tea, a dropper of anti depressant juice, fresh golden root on salad, a shot of golden milk or a cup of java with GreenMans turmeric steeped in. The plethora of positive vibrations, the frequency of love and the energy of my life force fed daily in Majik doses yield the best golden roots for my health!!!! I am grateful for the opportunity to share the blessings turmeric has given me and I am energized daily by the testimonies of those who live in the Golden glow of turmeric healing. I love my turmeric plants, I love the interaction with the ecosystem I have fostered to grow this amazing plant in this gorgeous climate.  Thank You for helping me live my dream. Turmeric heals me! 
You, my clients support my healing. I am grateful for Every Day! #turmeric #gardenlove #curcuma #inspiredbylife #walkingmiracle #gardenlife #turmericblossom #curcumablossom #30aeats #floridaturmeric #30aturmeric #antidepressant #antiinflammatoryfood #healthiswealth #whatveganseat
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