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Big Ass World 2 - Hot Girls
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Once upon a time in my life a guy came into the shop and wanted to fix a name he had on is arm. He had a big ass cursive name on his forearm and it was misspelled but it was a good ass tat,  they just misspelled a girls name. So we talking about covering it and all this kind of wild shit, and he grabbed a card and left. Like 3 months later he came back in and pulled his sleeve up and his arm look like he dropped a check for a million dollars in a wood chipper then reached in to save that shit. He said he was gonna come get it fixed but then he found out homegirl was getting ironed out by a few dudes who wasnt him. So this dude got smashed, took a belt sander, and had somebody erase his arm's entire life force and banish that bitches name to sands of time. Anyway homeboy in charge of operation eraser tool wasnt as skilled as he said he was and turned his arm into shark week . His arm was fuckin infected and had different shades of green yellow and red mixed with the worlds wildest road rash . I thought he came to the shop to show me before he went and died in the alley from sepsis but he just came by to ask how long he should wait before we tattoo a celctic cross over it . I told him if he lived to see it healed it would take a hot fuckin min hahahahahah . So he left happy and i dumped bleach on the lobby floor and started mopping the couch and walls . Somewhere there is a cricket motorola razr with a picture of a harvey dent arm , if i ever find it ill show yall . Anyway enjoy this small cheesy tat removal . Has anyone done this ???? #randyranderson #mondaymalarkey #dipandripproteam  gorgeousgeorge
‘You are exactly where you need to be’ 💖 Bad ass babe and body posi advocate mimi_almighty looking hot as hell in my Love Heart two piece set ! 💕💕 It’s world mental health day, and this past year has been one of the trickiest for me. Although online my brand has been flourishing and my presence on social media may seem full of smiles and rainbows, a lot of the time I have been quite the opposite. I often go from being mega productive to completely absent with no energy to do anything. I also stopped taking orders a few months ago (which obvs means I’ve not been making any money) as it was just becoming too stressful, which was having a really negative effect on my mental health. Although we always want to be the most hard working ‘girl boss’ that we can be, it’s important to not let yourself be consumed by work or social media and to always put your own health first!! Saying that, I’m so happy to be in such a loving online community full of so many amazing and inspiring girlies ! So thankful for all the kind messages I get every day and the people I’ve met online 💖💖💖 I hope this hasn’t just been one big ramble haha love u all 💗💗💗
Hey it's your birthday😊😊 and I just wanted to let you know that you'll never have a face a problem alone I may not be able to solve every problem but I'll always be here for you when you need me.  When I think back to all the things we have been through , I'm so thankful that I got to go through everything with you by my side.  Nonso Nonso Nonso 
Babe, my best bestfriend, I love you 
My ride or die 
The loml 😍😍💜💜
Your finally +1 today and am so fucking happy for you .
Your now a big girl, your shakara will get to a higher level  Guy witbout you in life ehn, I don't know what I will do .  You have been with me through bad and good times 
My co-wife to temmy (if yk yk)  The first person to take me to a (*****) My model 
Picture freak 
Wish you more ass " "  more hot legs 🔥🔥 " "  more sense " "  more fine boys for us👦 " "  more money for us💲💲 My bestfriend is sweeter 😆😆 than cake🎂, more colorful ❤💜💙💚💛💟than confetti, and hotter 🔥🔥than candle 
When ever you feel down 😧😧or think you can't do something just imagine me giving you a gigantic high five with a ridiculous look 😛😛on my face . That should help .  I know that I don’t tell this to you often enough, but my friendship with you is one that I most treasure. Being friends with you has made my life more exciting, joyful, and meaningful. I wish you all the best today, tomorrow, and always.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜. With the millions of people in the world and seven continents to tour, you’re the one my hearts longs for- today’s your birthday! I wish I could be there with you but I will always be there in heart, because you’re my best friend.  Everyone can boast about being friends with people when they are likeable. But only best friends can boast about being friends with people even when are irritable. 💟💟💜💜💜💜 Finally happy birthday to my bestfriend 💜💜💜, any other Nelson Chinonso queenth favour is a counterfeit  Always remember okoli chidera favour ( dera.ok) loves you and will always do 💟💚💛💜💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎊🎁🎂🎂🎆
Nice poster, is not it?

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