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Boxing Ring (64+ images)
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So it’s that time of year again...
I wanted to do something different for the first inktober prompt and after wracking my brains for a month I came up with a boxing themed image. Time to settle this in the ring 🥊 
#ring #inktober #inktober2019 #box #boxer #boxing #sketchy #ink #drawing #illustration #drawingchallenge #comfortzone #new #different #ring #boxingring
New games and re-stocks!
You can tell that xmas is coming with so many new titles pouring into the shop each week. There's lots to be excited about in this pile (so come and read the backs of some boxes) but of particular note are:
Combo Fighter (a fast 2 player Street Fighter style card game, with smaller 2 character packs that are also playable independently).
Tatsu (from the people who reinvented chess to make Hive now reinventing backgammon).
Dungeon & Dragons - Stranger Things box (it's the campaign that the kids are playing in the tv series, but I need someone to play it and let me know precisely how it works!)
[Image: A bunch of games balanced with great skill and daring on a wooden floor. The games are: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set - Stranger Things, Combo Fighter (one 4 character box and two 2 character boxes), Saboteur The Duel, Saboteur 2, The Lord of the Rings Risk, Terrors of London, Arboretum Deluxe, Western Legends, Tatsu, Masque of the Red Death.]
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An image of our rings taken for a hook in an upcoming class I'm teaching. In the second image you can see the Silly Putty on the bed I use at weddings to make rings to stand up. The shallow DOF even makes the fake flowers look real.  Also, the Kleenex box in the back is what I pushed the hue on to give the purple tone in Lightroom. I'm using it to teach the kids that they can make great shots with an incredibly low budget, and what's on hand. You can see the putty setup up close in the third shot.
#weddingphotography #wedding #weddingrings #Lightroom #hook #teaching #tipsandtricks #nikon #d850 #85mm #onepointfour #prime #primelens #NikonCA #Nikon_Canada #NPS #nikonprofessionalservices #nikonprofessional
Yesterday, Alec and I woke up in #KohSamui to watch the beautiful sunrise. The moment was so special and I couldn’t help but feel my Dad’s presence with us. 🌅

Just before the sun broke, Alec said he would take care of me forever and that he told my Father that in one of their last conversations. He told my Dad that he planned to propose to me during our upcoming vacation in Thailand and asked for his support. My Dad was elated and, like the protective Father that he was, he said “You gotta take care of her." Alec replied "Of course, she's precious cargo.” - a nickname my Dad had for me. Alec showed him an image of the ring and they bonded over this special moment. My Dad was in such a great mood that night and I believe this is one of the reasons why. 
As Alec finished the story, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He opened the ring box to reveal the most beautiful engagement ring and in that moment the sun appeared. I could hear one of my Dad’s favorite Beatles songs in my head - “Here Comes the Sun, it’s alright, little darling” It was the most magical moment of my life! 💓

I said YES and we cried. I’m so sad I can’t call my Dad to tell him the news but also have overwhelming gratitude that my Dad was a part of this. He absolutely adored Alec, gave his blessing and knew this was coming. He told my stepmom Chris how happy he was that we found each other. 
My dear Mom also played a big role in our engagement. My diamond is a gift from her - an heirloom from my loving Grandma, Carol. She and my Grandpa, Roy, shared an epic love story - married for almost 60 yrs and he gave her this diamond (which was in a solitaire setting) on their 50th wedding anniversary. Alec put it in a beautiful new setting. My mom checked yesterday to see when he purchased the ring - 10/17/91 - my Dad’s Birthday. 💓

To my life partner alecpeniche - I can’t wait to spend forever with you. You are my rock — as shown so vividly this last week during one of the most difficult times in my life. You dropped everything to be by my side. Thank you for including both my parents in our engagement and making it so special. You are a true partner and I’ll love you forever. ❤️
Nice poster, is not it?

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