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*long post ahead* There are many people in this world I consider heroes, many have inspired me to become the person who I am today, and today I pay tribute to 3 of those heroes, Stan Lee, Walt Disney and Spider-Man. As many of you know, I've worked for the Walt Disney Company for 5 years now, and just over a year ago I had the pleasure to join the job I wanted from the very beginning, to be a Photographer for Disney Photo Imaging (aka PhotoPass) at Disneyland, one of the many amazing opportunities that comes with my job was being able to shoot inside Walt Disney's apartment in Main Street's Firehouse, an amazing experience I was happy to to do twice, both as a visitor and as a Cast Member all in the span of the same week! I got to pose with the iconic lamp that overlooks the parks, and in essence got to meet the spirit of Walt Disney himself, I even got to "write to him" in a sign in book, leaving a message promising to make him proud. 
How does this relate to Stan Lee you might ask? As it just so happen, when I came to the Apartment as a guest and I just so happen to be wearing a Spider-Man: Homecoming shirt (meant to wear my work Costume but accidentally forgot my nametag...), which in many ways is very fitting, Spider-Man has left a gigantic on me both as reader and as a person and the story of Peter Parker may have indeed affected me on a subconscious level that it may have even lead to me pursuing a career as a Photographer/Artist, and indeed the idea of "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" is not to dissimilar from the values Walt put on his Cast Members when he built Disneyland. So of course when the news dropped yesterday that Stan had died, I of course was at a loss, but I figured the best way to pay tribute to him and his legacy was to feature a few of my favorite Spidey works over the years from many amazing Cosplayers of whom I'm proud to call my friends. (including a sneek peek at a big project from LBCC with lady__ary that will blow your minds!) Thank You Stan, Thank You Walt, May you both Rest in Peace, I will continue to honor both your legacies.  #spiderman #stanlee #waltdisney  #withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsibility #excelsior
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My fondest memories are from my childhood:⁠
Climbing our cherry tree, library book in hand (Nancy Drew or a collection of fairytales), young mind bent on nestling in the perfect little crook of branches to drown in another world while snacking on fresh cherries within arms reach.⁠
Curling into a tiny little ball and sinking beneath the surface of a swimming pool, the sounds of “above” turning into a water-muffled magic of distant voices and “Walkin’ on Sunshine” played over the public speaker, uncoiling to dive deeper, to touch the bottom, my legs suddenly becoming a mermaid’s tail, and the water around me widening to an imagined ocean.⁠
Wanna know a funny thing I’ve realized about being an adult?  It is this: my fondest adult memories are a lot like my childhood ones:⁠
Riding a rollercoaster at Walt Disney World, sunlight on my skin, wind in my face, the squeals of delight on the lips of my daughter sitting beside me, feeling euphoric in this shared thrill of madness and wonder, speed and contentment.⁠
Prayers over a family meal, expressing gratitude for all that is before me in life, this shared meal, this family with whom I share it, this land of freedom and place of grace and purpose in an existence of mystery and heartbreak, feeling sweetness and hardness in equal measure.⁠
They’re all moments of happiness, suffused with a longing for something Bigger and grander than my frail human existence.  The memories and dreams of my childhood are as real as the memories and dreams I have now, some 30+ years later.  I imagine that will never change;  I hope it doesn’t anyway.  I hope I never lose that magic in my bones.⁠
#magic #photographer #flphotographer #floridaphotographer #fantasyphotographer #conceptualphotographer #fineart #fineartphotography #fineartphotographer #flfineart #elsa #fairytale #imagination #pretend #memories #childhood #childhoodmemories⁠
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I'm happy to share my most recent project, a tribute to the 1980's at EPCOT Center. This may require some explanation for some of you.

In the original Universe of Energy, before Ellen's Energy Adventure, the first film (pre-show) was shown on a screen made of 100 panels created by Czech filmmaker Emile Radok. These panels had three sides: one black, one white, and one mirrored. The panels turned in sync with the film to create what was called a "kinetic mosaic". This short film concludes with the song "Energy, You Make the World Go 'Round". My version of this unique screen is about 6" by 8" inside the border and contains 70 panels. Although my version is a still image rather than a film and I have to turn the panels manually, I can create all sorts of patterns using the image, black, and mirrored sides. And, yes, I painstakingly colored each of Spaceship Earth's triangles.

In these pictures, you can see just a few of the many, many patterns I can create and the original image before I cut it into 70 pieces.

I'd like to thank ramonamarie for suggesting I make a project based on this unique screen!

This project is available if any of you are interested. I can also create one for you using a different scene of Epcot's Future World.

Thank you for looking!

#disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #EPCOT #EPCOTCenter #universeofenergy #handmade #paperart #disneyart
I usually try to avoid posting images I take with celebrities (ie Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie...) because it feels like it loses its magic when I give it to the world. But, I have to say, this picture is most definitely worth posting.

Some back story— I made my bestfriend go to downtown Disney with me w/o telling her that I really only wanted to go because I knew Jon Favreau was in town. But as soon as we got there, I made her go alone to the Disney store while I sat down out of the sun, because I was honestly crisping at that point. This first picture— that is her TAKING A PICTURE WITH JON FAVREAU in the Disney store. I nearly cried if I am honest and made a fifteen minute walk into a five minute one, literally driven by adrenaline to have an opportunity to meet him. But then my friend calls me. She says, “hey, he’s leaving.”
I hang up, only ten steps away from the Disney store when I see him walking in my direction. Normally, I’m too shy to, but I knew this was one of those opportunites in life you don’t get back, so I approached him with a huge smile on my face and, like a dork, barely made out the words, “may I.. umm.. take a photo with you?” I don’t think he’ll ever know this with the MILLIONS of fans that he has, but that one photo truly made not only my first ever Disneyland trip wholesome, but it jump started my dedication to screenwriting. For some reason, though I knew I wanted to write for Disney, this moment was so iconic for me that it drove me to truly work harder to pursue that goal. 
All-in-all, meeting Happy... made me happy! #tbt #jonfavreau #firstdisneytrip jonfavreau
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