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sea animal | Most beautiful places in the world |
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SWIPE LEFT ONCE to see how beautiful this world can be. Now SWIPE LEFT TWICE to see how we can easily destroy it and make it an awful place to live in.
Ever since I started diving some years ago, I’ve been mesmerized by the hidden beauty of the sea. So many magical creatures living freely underwater, a whole new world for us to explore. We should be SO grateful to be given the chance to simply “watch”, never should we dare to take nor harm something that doesn’t belong to us.
While diving in Maldives last week, I was truly lucky to encounter one of the most unique creatures in this planet: the whale shark. Being the largest known fish species in the world, whale sharks can measure up to 18m (I believe mine was around 8-9m long). They inhabit in open waters of tropical oceans, but unless unnaturally attracked by feeding humans they are not that easily spotted diving free in the sea.
Although whale sharks are completely peaceful (they feed on small matter and food particles from water), they are super shy and can be easily scared by too close human interaction. On our casual encounter, I got unbelievably lucky and had the chance to be the diver who was swimming closest to the whale shark, always keeping a minimum respectful distance not to scare or hurt him. Until some boats spotted the animal from above and in less than a minute the water was covered with disrespectful snorkelers who got too close to the animal and stressed him out. One of them even touched the whale shark, which resulted in the animal quickly scaping underwater.
My happiness immediately turned to sadness, even anger, towards those disrespectful humans who thought they could do whatever they wanted with the whale shark. Our relationship with the sea (and all the life in it) should be based on respect and not on domination. We should realize how lucky we are to be able to live these experiences and should look after them, not damage nor destroy them.
I never ask anything from you, but if you find this terrifying like me, PLEASE SHARE this post on your stories so we can raise awareness with our friends and spread the message of respect, hopefully making the world a better place.
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It was a beautiful partly cloudy day in the world of the living, this was also the day after Grimmjow had reached 600 followers on his social media account. So he decided to invite y/o and also some people he already knew to a little cookout he was hosting at this private beach he rented out. Wait, what..? The usual stone blood killer is dressed in a short-sleeve shirt and some shorts, ready to be cordial for once? That was rare indeed, maybe a bit too rare. Putting away his difference for once, he wanted to spend time with those who actually cared to partake in his small journey on Instagram. After all, it was a perfect day for the beach— the sun was just hot enough for you to want to get into the water, the birds seagulls would sing in harmony with eachother all over the place, and the water was free of dangerous animals and predators such as sharks and jellyfish etc. . ‘Man, I would look hella stupid if no one decides to come.. can I get at least one person to join me? It’d be nice to make their day’ Grimmjow said in his head whilst sighing afterwards at the thought. With his left hand was buried deep into his pocket with his right hand having his fingers slipped thru his blue luscious locks. At that moment, he felt a bit neglected since no one was there so far. Then again, he had announced this weeks prior to this one. With his patience running a bit low, he decided to get in before anyone else. Therefore, the sexta male started to unbutton his shirt halfway— debating if he should jump in or not. He had everything planned out perfectly just for this moment, so why not jump in at that moment? With his shirt now off and tossed to the side like trash, he smirked slowly and immediately started running down to the sea, getting deeper and deeper into the water until it reached up to his chest, covering most of his scar he had received from Ichigo awhile back. “GAH! This sh-shit is cold!!!” He yearned while closing one eye, his body shivering as it felt a bit too good for the male. Looking back to check on the food that was being cooked on the grill, he had but only a few moments before checking on it one last time. [Continuing]
I’m not a perfect eco kinda gal, I still eat meat from time to time, sometimes I use single use plastics without realising, I’m probably taking too long of a shower, sometimes I don’t recycle as much I should and maybe I am leaving a bigger carbon foot print than I really thought. But, I’m aware of our dying planet, the sea levels are rising, that animals are going instinct everyday, that there’ll be more trash than land and so much more hurt on this planet. So, here I am using my lil voice. In the most corny thing ever, to make the world a better place. 
Whether you acknowledge it or not, climate change is 
Also look how beautiful our people are😩🥰🌊✊🏽// 8:28am
#climatestrike #SS4C
Nice poster, is not it?

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