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Excellent Live For Tablets
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Really did a number on myself this week and got stuck in my own head.
I’m excellent at putting up all the walls and blocking out everything sometimes...this week was next level.
These were my inner workings...I’m sure I’m not alone in these thoughts, so what better way to pull myself out of a funk than to share my thoughts with the internet 🤷‍♀️😬...
▪️HIDE. Shut off all social media and talk to nobody.
▪️Just cry over shit that you’d usually laugh at. Apart from that email you got saying a Bernese Mountain Pup could be ours in 8 weeks if we were ready...cue the waterworks because we haven’t moved yet.
▪️Eat food that you usually wouldn’t because you’ve lost all motivation and you’re certainly not cooking.
▪️ You’re having a shit week, may as well chuck in some road rage and yell obscenities whilst driving.
▪️Question why you don’t drink anymore and wonder if getting a bit pissed might help.
▪️ Wonder if you should actually move to NYC.
▪️ Does (insert any person) not like me anymore? I haven’t spoken to them in aaaages.
▪️ Definitely don’t post this photo because what if someone thinks you just want attention.
▪️ You actually do want attention but everyone would have to read your mind because HELLO you’re in hiding. Duh Aimee.
Things that helped move these thoughts and things right along:
🔸Oils. For real.
🔸Not getting a bit pissed (woohoo!)
🔸Actually talking about things.
🔸Super B tablets. ✨
So here I am crawling out of the little hole I dug for myself and I’ll go back to doing the things I love, living my life the best way I know how and learning from the week. Because that’s how we grow.
We live and we learn. Happy Friday lovers ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 and yes, that is a pile of clothes on the bed that I probably won’t put away. Joel will do it. 🙊
#innerworkings #projector #pilatesreformer #exercisemotivation #superbyoungliving #talkitout
Living in the Caribbean is great but you do need some essentials to make your new home/study space more comfortable: 1. bring enough highlighters, pens and all the stationary you need for a whole semester (this stuff is really pricy). 2. Bring a laptop and/or tablet since most of our assignments and exams are done through these(plus at least 1 TB hard drive). 3. Bring extra chargers for phone and computer (especially if you’re an apple user). 4. Bring a hard copy of FIRST AID (most other books are available at the library or PDF). 5. Bring Brita  filters and a reusable water bottle (stay hydrated and save the planet). 6. Bring umbrella and/or rain jacket it rains A LOT here (especially June to November).7. Bring comfortable clothing to study in, workout out in, be in since you will be spending a lot of time in the study rooms or library. 8. Bring all the tea and coffee you like from home bc chances are they don’t have it and/or it’s a zillion dollars . 9. Bring an excellent pair of headphones (noise cancelling if you can, you’ll thank me later). 10. If you’re a vegan/vegetarian/only eat halal/kosher or have any other dietary restrictions bring as much food as you can from home bc not much is available here! DM if you have any other questions or need clarifications #windsoruniversityschoolofmedicine #wusom #img #lifeofamedstudent #medstudentlife #stkitts #caribbeanmedschool #basicscience #medschoollife #latindoctors #latinadoctors #ecuatorianosenelmundo #clinicalrotations #newsemester #internationalmedicalgraduate #latinxdoctors #medicalschoollife
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