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HouseMasters aims to capture those feelings we once knew, whilst marching forward as the front runner when it comes to our DJs and special guest PAs.

We launch this December with the formidable djrogersanchez . Expect all the extras for our extra large launch party, you simply can not miss what’s coming.

See you at the front!

All info will now be from within here > HouseMasters w/ Roger Sanchez

Tickets on sale this Monday. BE FIRST X #disco #dancemusic #housemusic #house #clubnight #dj #clubculture #oldskool  #pianohouse #funkyhouse #djforhire #music #music #party #hiphop #dance #love #house #djlife #housemusic #club #rave #djs #deephouse #techno #nightlife #electro #festival #bass #radio #dubstep #summer #ibiza
lolliscookieclusters Pumpkin Spice is here and they are delicious. ⁣
I needed to bring dessert for a recent dinner party with dear friends so I decided to make some extra large Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Bites.  These are much like my, “No Bake Low Carb Creamy Peanutty Bites” that you have seen before, but with a few changes to make it Fall friendly.  And oh boy, are these absolutely incredibly yummy! And what an easy dessert to make for Thanksgiving. ⁣
If you decide to make them, Lolli’s has a new website.  And I have a discount code for you to use.  LOWCARBERISTA Their new website is⁣ if you go to my IG profile lowcarberista there is a direct link when you can’t click on the link. ⁣
Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Bites⁣
3-8oz packages Full Fat Cream Cheese, room temp⁣
1/2 c All Natural No Sugar Added Crunchy Peanut Butter *see note*⁣
1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice⁣
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract⁣
1/4 to 1/2 c. Powdered low carb sweetener-I used Lakanto⁣
10 (maybe more) drops of liquid Monkfruit sweetener-I used Lakanto⁣
1 bag of Lolli's Low Carb Cookie Clusters, Pumpkin Spice Flavor⁣
1.  Finely crumble the bag of cookie clusters.  I used a food processor.  Set aside in large bowl.⁣
2.  Place all of the other ingredients in large bowl and whip together with a hand held mixer until well incorporated and creamy. ⁣
3.  Working quickly, roll equal amounts of cream cheese mixture between your palms, into balls.  Then roll the balls into the cookie crumbles, coating all sides. ⁣
4.  Place in an airtight container and refrigerate until cold and set. About 1to 2 hours (if you can wait that long).⁣
*NOTE* Before using the peanut butter make sure it's at room temp.  I pour off the oil into a bowl then measure out what I need.  I then add the oil back to the top of the jar of peanut butter.  If you don't add it back in the peanut butter will get dried a bit on the top.

#ketosweettreat #nosugaradded #lolliscookieclusters #lowcarberista #pumpkinspice #pumpkinspicecreamcheesebites #vanilla #nobakeketodessert
遅めのリニューアル記念アイテムです。WineとMusic Loverは是非!🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠 #Repost baloriginal_official

オフィシャルサイトリニューアルを記念し、先日SO NAKAMEGURO SHOP&HOSTELにて開催されたホームパーティイベント、『HOUSE PARTY IS HERE TO STAY』。
そのマーチャンダイズとして展開し、ご好評頂いた"HOUSE WINE HOODIE “をbal flagship storeで限定受注発売致します。

Fabric : Polyester , Cotton
SIZE :  Medium , Large , Extra Large
Color : White , Ash Gray , Grey
13,000yen(w/o tax)
October Moon Meaning:

October’s Hunter’s Moon is named after the hunts carried out in preparation for winter.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac said: “Some folks believe that this Full Moon was called the Full Hunter’s Moon because it signalled the time to go hunting in preparation for winter". The Harvest Moon gets its name from the extra light it gave  farmers  in times before electricity. Giving them even longer to harvest their crops. Since the harvesters had recently REAPed the fields under the Harvest Moon, hunters could easily SEE 👁 the fattened deer and other animals that had come out to glean as well as  the foxes and wolves that had come out to prey on them.” The Harvest Moon, however, has other names. It’s known often as the "Wine Moon". This is when grapes are plump and ready for collecting. It is also  called the "Singing Moon" as the festivals held to mark it would involve signing. It would be a time of crop collection but also of large parties, signing,and dancing.

So, I wrote this song last October 2018, after a revelation that came to me about reaping and harvesting.  I have been sowing many seeds and now EyeAm ready to reap the harvest that is plentiful. The love that's been sown, I am reaping. The hard work, EyeAm reaping.  I have labored and EyeAm still laboring. I have been tending to this crop and am expecting 100 fold henceforth. In addition to, with the extra light from this moon, Eye can see even in the darkness. Eye can still Harvest my "crops" and see the wolves and prey lurking in the darkness. 👁 ( #spirit) 
October Moon is a great fall vibe and will be released on ALL platforms This Week! 👁🦋 Produced By: b3nr3ady
Cover Art: amp_n.i.l.e 
Drop some 👁🦋 or whatever in the comments to let me 👁who is ready to dance with me💕
#octoberMoon #EyeAm #ElevateYourEnergyAndManifest #dance #vibes #soul #music #vyEYEb #tryEYEb #eye
There’s a whole new world thriving underneath our little Chai Pani home. 🙌🏽 On the weekends, our newly renovated downstairs space is poppin’ with puri, boozy drinks, Bollywood music, and lots of room to hang while you wait for a table upstairs. But you don’t have to be eating upstairs to swing by — add us to your weekend bar hopping list...OR if you’re a large party, make a reservation and avoid the typical downtown Asheville wait! 🤙🏽 ⁣
Reservations are now being accepted for parties of 8 or more. Reservation inquiries can be sent to and must be made 24hrs in advance. Plz plan ahead, cause this space has been fillin’ up extra quiiick! 🧡
Nice poster, is not it?

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