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Poster Ask An Ayurvedic Doctor - आयुर्वेदय तथा स्वदेशी इलाज को देश के कोने कोने तक ले जाने के लिए ...

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Ask An Ayurvedic Doctor - आयुर्वेदय तथा स्वदेशी इलाज को देश के कोने कोने तक ले जाने के लिए ...
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Holistic. Indigenous. Healing #lifechanging

I wasn’t just faffing around in the hills you know. A large part of my time was with the boneandbodyclinic.

Here is the story. For several years I have suffered from neck and lower back pain. I blamed it on the desk job, and tried all sorts to fix it – physio, chiro, acupuncture, Chinese medicine. During my teacher training I got injured, and the chiro I saw highlighted that I had scoliosis in my thoracic and a rotation in my hip. This was news to me. This was the cause of my pain. I had to move on, so just rested and the pain subsided…

While in south Goa I stupidly injured myself again. FFS. Wasn’t quite sure where I was going to get treatment in a small village. Somehow I stumbled upon boneandbodyclinic. I met Dr Ringo and Miranda. Dr Ringo is a martial artist, osteo and an ayurvedic doctor from the Himalayan regions of India. In the consultation Dr Ringo asked me not share any of the background or xrays. OK, let’s see how this goes…He assessed me just by touch and sight. And gave me his diagnosis – which was exactly what the chiro had told me. Impressed. What was new was his claim that he could align me in six weeks. I couldn’t hang around in Goa though. So he invited me to Dharamkot a few weeks later. For over a year I wanted to go to that region but I didn’t know the why. And now I had my reason. Surely a sign. Sign me up.

After six weeks of treatment my spine was aligned and hip centred. My head wasn’t as forward. My SI joint opened up. I had more mobility and flexibility. I became taller. And being in this special environment did wonders for my mind and soul too. The magic of the unique Eastern method that’s all natural. 
The clinic doesn’t advertise. The injury was a blessing in disguise. The consultation was a golden ticket. It was meant to be. Miranda said it would be lifechanging. And she was right. 
The spine is your lifeline. If you any issues, I highly recommend seeing the boneandbodyclinic. I speak from experience. 
#himalayas #india #healing #holistic #health #wellbeing #osteo #ayurveda #blessed #dharamkotdiaries
My dedicated and wonderful Rogi (client) wrote this testimonial in order to inspire others to seek Ayurveda as a means to health.  She is a special case because I gave her more recommendations then most since she was feeling disparity and so she followed almost all of them!  When she came back to see me 5 weeks later I barely recognized her. She was happy, peaceful and radiant! She now has all of the skills for longevity and vitality and doesn't need to come back to see me (sad for me but happy for her)! ❤️ Her testimonial: "In October 2018 I went to visit my doctor, I thought I was peri-menopausal. The nurse practitioner listened to my symptoms and performed an exam. Fibroids. That was her thought. She gave me an order for an ultrasound. The ultrasound found something, but not determinable. Next step and MRI, two in fact. The diagnosis – Adenomyosis. This is the sister to Endometriosis; the only difference is location. It is now December; my symptoms are getting progressively worse. I was experiencing pain and exhaustion. I was cramping, nauseas and getting sick in public. My quality of life was declining. I could work- barely, and when I got home I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I could not participate in my life.
I continue the path with #WesternMedicine. The first doctor tells my hysterectomy or muscle through it. The second doctor tells me I am fine and continue with my birth control. The third doctor, my primary care doctor tells me I need anti-depressants and brushes off the films and diagnosis of Adenomyosis. I feel like I am not heard, that I am alone, and have no help. Yes, now, I am depressed.

After seeing these doctors, I decide to seek alternative methods of treatment. I want to feel like myself again, I want to be pain free and present in my life. Being a customer of banyanbotanicals, I reach out and ask for any practitioners in my area. I have used Ayurvedic products and like the concepts but need more help. They refer me to Hillary. I reached out to Hillary, who knew that this was the first step on my road to recovery?

We set up a 30-minute phone consultation and from that point I knew she could help, cont’d comments...
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