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Human Galaxy Planets - DP
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"قُلْ سِيرُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ فَانْظُرُوا كَيْفَ بَدَأَ الْخَلْقَ" ✨
"Travel through the earth and see how Allah did originate creation" (29:20)
Tasneem Mousa©
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A NEW ERROR - Today is the time for truth. I’m not saying you deserve the truth. I’m just saying the time has come for humanity to know.

Listen carefully.

We do live on Earth, among you all, but we’re from a different world. Another planet, very similar to 🌎, actually smaller but greater, on another solar system into a far away Galaxy. And don’t get me wrong, we haven’t infiltrated humans. We created them. We created you. You are our creation, our dear conception. But you are a failure. In a way, we have failed too.

Five decades ago, when the intensity of nuclear radiations emitted outer space from weapons of mass destruction has reached critical levels in the cosmos, an emergency mission has been initiated to protect spatial balance and save Earth from humans negligence. By doing so, we broke our own principle of not interfering with humans activities. The aim of the mission was not to save human race, but to save the planet.

Earth is our plan B, it has always been. And you are our guinea pigs, you have always been. And the guinea pig is now compromising plan B.

We offered your lost souls the most precious gift of all. We gave you LIFE. All you had to do was to take the most out of it, in this unique yet perfect ecosystem of yours. And truth is, you deserve nothing.

Your scientists believe the Universe is 13.8B yo, it’s actually 31, but it only took a fraction of it for you to create concepts that did not exist in the Universe. You invented hatred. We did not even had a word for it... Since then, most of your souls are going through the precious gift of life in fear, pain, oppression and war. You truly deserve nothing.

Kill your own kind, Humans. You always will anyways. But it is time to stop destroying your own planet. It is greater than you will ever be.

You are just A NEW ERROR.
Winter Solstice eve of the Full Moon I Bow to you. May I become more and more Light so I can be a beacon of light for others. I would like to share a practice from zhigangsha book GREATEST LOVE.
“Dear my heart, I Love You. I would like to serve humanity and Mother Earth . Let’s do it together. Dear Divine, Source Creator,dear all countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes. dear my family, loved ones, community, city and country Dear  humanity and all souls , I love you all. You have the power to transform humanity mother earth and countless planets stars galaxies and universes please join me to chant greatest love together , let us do a great job together. I am deeply grateful thank you.
Dear everyone and anything that I and my ancestors have hurt or harmed in this or any lifetime I humbly apologize and I ask for forgiveness and to any soul who has ever hurt or harm me or my ancestors I offer you unconditional forgiveness. I forgive you you forgive me bring love peace and harmony thank you thank you thank you “  and then chant “greatest love “ while visualizing bright golden light in your heart and in the  hearts of all humanity and all souls. Greatest Love Greatest Love Greatest 💗.
.photo kathydanmala
#greatestlove #zhigangsha #wintersolstice #raisethevibes #meditate #openhearttakescourage #lovepeaceandharmony #sparkjoy #mantra #chant #highvibe #mandala #sacredgeometry #light #forgiveness #unconditionallove❤️
Human kind have believed that human is the most intelligent beings on the planet.. What if I say human is the most witless creature that have ever born in this planet.. Humans blame that the technlogy had gone so far and for betterment of humanity!? Really..!? Do you all believe in that? 
Do the air we breath,  the water we drink,  the food we intake got more purer..?? Still the necessities of life haven't  improved yet but had gone worser.. Intemperance nature of Humanity that had led them experimenting everything that is around  and doing all crazy illusions.
Destroying  everything  around..Still human kind is proud of their  ignorance.

Humans are unable  to decode the languages of every creatures and beings around.. What if the trees are communicating far beyond galaxies.!
What if the monkeys knew that excess plastics are gona spoil the nature..!?
What if the birds knew the advance physics of nature..!! Remember  human kind!! We can't  live without  the nature, but nature can be in harmony without us.
 If you want to explore you don't have to break things up! , just look inwards to you.. You'll  get what you seek.. Thank you.. and all the love to endless cosmic souls around.. 😊🙏💞😊🙏
#cosmicsoul #anendlesscosmicsoul #wakeup #humanity #realise #truth #illusion #devine #connect #nature #savenature #banplastic #benature #backtonature #trees #naturaltowers #respectmothernature #everycreatures #souls #allthelove #endlesscosmicsoul
Credits: ___her___king__
The hardest part for people coming to grips with this, is it will test the constructs of their entire life. We've been so blindly focused on our history on this planet, our day to day struggles. We've lost sight of our true potential. Billions of people can't even see the universe with our naked eyes due to light pollution.

We are disconnected.

All life on this planet evolved from bacteria and Fungi, and yet, we've lost site of that, if we even knew this to begin with.

Evolution on this planet occurred over millions of years based on the gravity of this planet. The minute humans leave Earth’s atmosphere, we begin to evolve. The second we leave Earth’s atmosphere, our body starts breaking down our bones, because we no longer need them in anti-gravity.

So, if we travel to Mars, our time in space is spent 'evolving' to anti-gravity. If humans lived in outer space for centuries, we'd look totally different. Our anatomy and physiology would have evolved to something indecipherable.

And, when we land on a new planet, we'd begin a new evolutionary projection based on that planets gravity. 'Aliens', could actually be us, derivatives of genetic code from far, far away..billions of years ago.

Time, and scale, know no bounds. It's only our perception based on our 'norms' that limit conscious potential.

We look to the galaxies in awe (some of us, anyway), wondering what life exists. And yet, on our very planet, there is life still unknown to us. Microscopically, on up the scale ladder. What do we really know about life on our own planet?

What do we even do with this information?

Perhaps, love. We can love our present. We can try to evolve positively, beginning this very moment.
Nice poster, is not it?

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