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Some humor for you today😂
An Apple A Day...
...Will Keep Anyone Away If Thrown Hard Enough
Joke CR: I saw that joke on Twitter by
Now that we know apples are the key to happiness...I'll be stocking up on mine today!🍏🍎
QOTD: (Question of the Day)
Which kind or color of Apple is your favorite/s? 🍎Comment Below🍏
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MY HEALTH JOURNEY- I've never shared this much before, it's long AF. If you give Parts 7+ a like in the comments, I will know you have read it! Obvi no pressure! Thank you for supporting me💕[📸: Unsplash Free Stock Photos]
Hi! I'm Brittany Lee. I've been chronically ill on & off my entire life. My posts are on an ongoing personal blog about all things that help me heal & be happy because I Am Healing Happy🙏 Includes book reviews, alternative healing, positivity, mental health, new hobbies, natural products & the tougher aspects of living life with what appears sometimes as "invisible illness". I've thought about creating separate accounts for some of these topics but the reality is I'm so busy surviving, I haven't had much time to thrive just yet.
I've been sick on & off since birth which shows my immune system has always been compromised (vaccines? maybe), but fast forward to 9th grade, I got my 1st partial diagnosis after falling bedridden for 3 months. (Partial diagnosis is a running theme in my life, you'll see what I mean in a bit) I had traces of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) aka Mono in my bloodstream but Conventional Doctors said I didn't have enough in my system to technically have it. Someone who had the virus took a drink out of my drink unknowingly (until later) Back to the summer after 8th grade "Oh ya so & so had Mono & stole a sip of your soda that night!"🙄🤪😭 If you are sick, don't do this- Drink out of other's drinks. We DON'T all have the same germs in fact. I was horribly sick from what appeared to be Mono commonly referred to as "the kissing disease" on & off for the rest of my high school days. I appeared to have the flu for months at a time on & off from ages 15-24. I've been to the ER for this seriously more times than is funny. The sad thing is they'd shoot me up with Morphine, not find anything & send me home with prescriptions & tons more medical bills, but I didn't want the pills I wanted relief. Western Medicine Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics for my symptoms that constantly gave me new infections & tons of other side-effects that were dangerous, only to turn around, (continued in the comments below)
Nice poster, is not it?

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