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Into the Black Wide Open - by ...
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My thoughts flowed like treacle, slow and syrupy, onto a flotilla—bound to the highlands of an ancient land. A land with puff pastry clouds and velvety black skies that cradled millions of bright wishes. The earth there was covered by green grasses that nursed from mountainside streams. My thoughts laid their bodies on the grass, wide open like angels, and discovered belated happinesses. Ones that had waved unnoticed in the moment, but when thought back upon with eyes more widely opened, were able to be seen. Smiles gathered on their thoughtful lips, and yes—the yearning of their hearts for moments passed by may have poured tears into their eyes...but in the green grasses where their bodies laid as angels, they breathed into the unity of all of their moments. And how all of that unity had taken root into their beings, so that when they pushed their hands into the grassy earth they could then stand, or dance and laugh, or cry. They could wrap their arms around themselves and others to render that they could be and become. My thoughts, then, traveled with their bodies and their souls—across oceans—back to my couch with my soulful sleepy dog, the other had been resting on our bed, and I that then I could be and become.
The Black Artist Party Of Los Angeles — 
Main Objective To Support A Coalition of Black & Latino Arist Youth/Young Adults As A Platform/Fund For Black Artist Party Art Shows & Events Of All Mediums. By Selling BLAck Hats For $65.00 & Dad Caps For $25.00 The Profit Made Of The Hats Go Into The Black Artist Party Fund To Activate/Rent Gallery Spaces For Periods Of Time. Also, Purchase Art By LA Based Black & Latino Artist. To Start A Collection Of Art Where THE ARTIST ALWAYS IS RIGHT. The Black Artist Party Does Not Promote Sex/Sexuality/Gender. We Are One. We Are A Safe Space, Free Will Thinking, Open Opinionated, Respectful Of Different Thinking Community. Come As You Please. Lift Your Consciousness. The Black Artist Party Offers The Resources Of Art Buying/Management. We Will Reconstruct The Industry One Hat At A Time. We Will Become The Nucleus For All Black Arts World Wide. We Believe In Spreading The Alliance & Coalition Between The Black & Latino Communities Of Los Angeles To Become One. Fighting Against A Bigger Threat.
🥀Part 23🥀
Sunlight hits my face as a warmth floods in through the windows of my bedroom. I squint my eyes tightly before opening them and the brightness of the sun stings for the first few seconds. I let out a long yawn as I stretch out my back with a soft moan, trying to get the sleep out of my body. My feet hit the ground as I look at my clock, showing it is almost nine o’clock. I let out a long sigh as I look up towards the ceiling, recalling the events from earlier in the morning. I wonder if Haz will be coming to my recording today if he was up so late. Suddenly, the smell of fresh pancakes and coffee fill my nose and my stomach growls with eagerness to eat. I pull my hair up into a messy bun and head out towards the kitchen to see Tom in his sweatpants trying to pour some pancakes into the pan. My heart races as he seems to have forgotten to put a shirt on before cooking. I have seen him multiple times like this at pools and the beach, but now that things are different it’s harder to look away. I take a deep breath and head over towards the coffee pot and I can see from the corner of my eye that Tom is looking at me with a small smile. “Those pancakes are going to burn if you don’t keep an eye on them.” I tease as I keep my eyes towards my coffee mug, pouring some milk into the black liquid. He frantically flips the pancakes with a small chuckle. “Sorry.” He says softly as he lets out a small laugh. Gaining a weird amount of confidence, I come up from behind him and wrap my arms around his bare waist. “They smell amazing.” I say softly as I look up at him with a smile. My heart is secretly pounding in my chest as I rest my forehead against his back. “What do you say we go to the cinema later after recording?” He asks as he turns around, resting against the counter as he pulls me closer to him. “That would be amazing.” I say through a wide smile as he slowly leans down. I have to go up on my toes as I place a soft kiss on his pink lips. I can feel his smile through our touch as I drop back down to the ground. “Now they are definitely burning.” I say through a small giggle as I look towards the pancakes. (CIC)
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