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Ladies of my tree
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Life is sacred life is short
Life is flexible its ability to contort
It has a chance to mean more
To push open every door 
To clean up every shore 
To bring up every store
Its able to shake the world to the core
Dunno bout you but I'm gonna rock it till i can't no more. 
Being a helper being a man
Standing an alter we can commend
Lifting up the spirits soul till it's all they know that the love they give is hot enough to melt snow. 
How can we live like this and be free
Free what does that even mean
To you and me and the lady and that tree
We all are born grow old and die and no one know why. 
I say we use our mind and focus the time. 
It doesn't cost a nickel not even a dime. 
We can destroy the evil squeeze it out like a lime. 
Whenever the good is ready to fight with all its might and delight in the order and care for everything right then I'll stand on a building the tallest height and fall. 
I'll freefall and know that when i hit the ground and flow like a river. 
I'll flush the last of evil like a healthy liver flush it all away.
It’s a wrap! After four wonderful days, The Melbourne Kitchen Project exhibition is finished. Thank you so much to everyone who came along and shared this experience with me. Your kind words of support mean so much! 
Another huge thank you to signalarts and cityofmelbourne for supporting my project, to marionleesinger from Signal and my crazy-talented mentor taisnaith, my family and especially krngough for your unmeasurable technical and emotional support ❤️ Finally, thank you to the gorgeous girls tagged in these photos, who flew in just for my show and spent so much of their time helping me ☺️ I’m one lucky lady! jamiebauza chebantayan tree.tangled 
#artexhibition #illustration #foodillustration #melbourneart #australianart
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