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Building my empire, little by little.

Let me tell you about my week. Because even I can’t believe what’s happened these last four days. Wednesday: I had a session with my largest prop to date- a HELICOPTER! Thursday I had to combine my day job and my business. In order to launch a new phone, you gotta do a lot of work on the backend. So that’s how I found myself learning to drive 3 FULL carts in Kroger at one time while getting snacks and drinks to help feed everyone for the biggest day of the year at Apple. I loaded drinks in the fridge, slept a few hours, and then reported bright and early for line duty. And then that day came and went in a huge blur. So many lines of excited people ready to get their new phone. Some were anxious, some were grumpy, but nothing will replace the feeling of watching a woman who stood in line from 6 AM - 10 AM leave the store screaming my name and hugging me because she was just so excited to have the phone she wanted. Nothing beats a hug from a coworker while I was shaky and light headed from lack of sleep. Launch day is the best day, despite the wear and tear I feel right now.

One day I’m gonna wonder how I did it all. One day I’m not going to be able to run on fumes like this for days. But for right now, I’m embracing the chaos and the hustle. And grateful for the chance to impact this many lives right now. 
Photo by lindseyballoumm
in the past year i’ve lost my mom, my beloved dog, otter, my father, and most recently the home that i grew up in- the home that my parents spent most of their lives building and growing. i feel like i’m in zero gravity- like my feet don’t touch the ground anymore and i’m just floating around in space. i don’t sleep at night and i cry several times a day. i thought i would have a year to sit and meditate on the loss of my parents in the space they created, but instead, i’m driving around and searching for somewhere to put my thoughts. i’m just about to reach the one year mark from losing otter and i’ve been grasping at invisible lines to stay afloat. a few months ago i applied to adopt a senior cat. that fell thru and a few more i reached out for, also fell thru. but then last week i got an email from this lovely lady with photos of a black cat named cosmo- he is 10 years old and has lost all the things i have lost- his home, his mom, his dad, his dog. yesterday my bf and i drove out to long island to pick up this very large and loveable beast who i now call momo. he’s sitting beside me right now, purring and waiting for me to brush him. we both have a lot of heartache but i’m hoping we can fill in some blank spaces for each other. animalleague #momo #blackcat #recue #adoptionday #healinggrief
Saskatoon’s population is projected to be about 380,000 by 2035...that is only 16 years from now. If we keep building OUT to house these people, we will continue to be far behind in terms of reducing pollution/carbon foot-print/driving to big box grocery stores for one item/etc. One way to help make our growing city become sustainable is to live downtown.
Living downtown often means much less infrastructure to service these people, less travel with carbon-producing vehicles (so long as there are services there), less SPACE to occupy (build up instead of out), and MUCH more accessibility for walking/biking/etc.
I have lived downtown for over 9 years, and I haven’t owned a car for that long. I can get to almost all the services I need by walking (a closer grocery store would be nice, though). I use a push cart to get my DJ gear to MOST gigs. I love it. 🏢🏢🏢
I also love driving. Windows down. Wind blowing through hair. Music blaring. It’s incredible. Almost zero people are asking drivers to NOT drive. Most people are suggesting we all make decisions that allow us to drive LESS. To not NEED to drive as much.
Individually...we can make a difference. But obviously individually the most we can do is ensure that industry isn’t polluting at unsustainable rates. The most we can do is support greener companies. Greener energy.
🏢’s a photo of me on the drinkle3 rooftop patio in planetssaskatoon . They asked me where my favourite spot in Saskatoon was...and well, I didn’t drive there.
Shout out #climatestrike 
Shout out dtnyxe 
Shout out: webelongdtnyxe 
Photo: michelleberg
***The following post is from my Ms.Jan ~Dougie💙
I’ll never forget my 8 years of living in NYC. From Central Park West, to Brooklyn, to Gramercy Park, & ultimately ending up in Chelsea. What a great experience in a fabulous, incomparable city. 
I was back living in Texas on 9/11/01. I’ll never forget that morning. I was driving home from working a night shift at a drug rehabilitation center in Grapevine. I was listening to NPR when they broke in to announce that a plane had apparently crashed into one of The Twin Towers. I stopped at my friend’s house to watch what was happening on their TV. We sat there in silence & horror, as we watched the South Tower get hit, and then about thirty minutes later the Pentagon was struck. I eventually got home, called family as Mark lived in DC at the time, checked on Mom who was still teaching at the time, & then started trying to contact all my NYC friends. Thank God they were all safe. Tragically, a few friends did lose family members or friends. 
I’m sharing some of my personal pics of New York City today in honor of that great city, the victims of 9/11/01 and their families, and the courageous, resilient people of NYC! 
First photo I took of the WTC (Twin Towers) on The Circle Line Cruise. 
Second photo of Lady Liberty on The Circle Line Cruise. 
Third photo is my office building on 30 Vesey street where I worked for Attorney Robert Blossner, just about a block and a half from the WTC. 
Fourth photo is St. Paul’s Chapel across from my office building, where we often ate lunch on the benches outside this church. St. Paul’s is one of the oldest churches in America & was left totally untouched by the horrors of 9/11, & serves as a beacon of strength & resiliency for so many of us. 
Love, strength, peace, & blessings I send to NYC, the victims & the families of 9/11, the first responders, & to all of America today. 
#neverforget #91101 #September112001 #worldtradecenter #twintowers #pentagon 
#flight93 #dougiethetexasgriff #dougiegoode
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