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Living And Nonliving Things
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In this reality playing victim card is easy and so we complain everytime 
And the best part is at times we complain while we sleep too ..
Rewiring this whole concept playing victim card to playing active card is just a matter of choice .. Once the choice is made .. living and nonliving things  will come in your reality and vicinity to create a life full with bliss ,ease ,abundance, joy and glory .... Do share your thoughts on the same guys 😇😇
✨Happy Solstice✨ {from the light of my life}
The sun ☀️ is believed to be the most powerful, inspirational, motivational and influential cosmic body in relation to spiritual life. It’s situated at the center of our solar system and gravitationally forces all planets, stars, asteroids, and comets to orbit around it. The sun energetically charges all living and nonliving things.
The solstice is an open portal that allows highly vibrating energy from the universe to flow in and directly impact all energetic particles in us. 💛
Today is the day to let go of what hasn’t served you in the last 6 months, and start something new. The solstice brings with it magnificent manifestation and creative powers. ⚡️
#summersoltice #solstice #shihtzusofinstagram #sun #manifestation #spirituality #astrology
🌎 🌍 🌏 “The Earth is something we all have in common” -Wendell Berry

Earth Day is not just a day to remember to treat the planet with kindness, but a day to celebrate all the ways nature is a part of us and how we can work towards keeping it a vibrant and healthy part of all of our lives- for all living and nonliving things.🌿☀️ #earthday #EartHdayNSU #puertorico epsiloneta.nsu
The Things I’ve Heard... and taken on as my own voice that I sometimes hear when I look in the mirror. Isn't it crazy how the VAST majority of us, when looking in the mirror, find our eyes IMMEDIATELY going to all the "flawed" spots and thoughts?
We need self-love, and through that we will learn to love every living and nonliving being of our respective worlds.
I truly love the photographer of the underlaying foto:
Fuck bullying actions. Fuck gossip. "Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. [Good] minds discuss ideas." Great minds take action on said ideas and shut the fuck up about others while doing it.
Making this was painful. Words CAN be painful. But only small-minded motherfuckers gossip and talk negatively about others. TRUTH. Fuck those type of actions. But not fuck those people, because everyone is a human trying to figure it out.
I don't stand for gossip. If you've ever been around me, I simply don't make the time for any type of personal attack on other people. BECAUSE WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT? Seriously. To make yourself feel better about how much you hate yourself? To take your mind off the fact that you don't have inner self-love? Seriously, someone enlighten me. Let's discuss, because I don't get it.
If you don't love yourself, as many, many of us don't, then start a journey of answering "why not?" and, as painful as it can be, open up every single thing you've ever buried away and work on accepting all of you. I am worth it. YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT. Love is worth it. Truuuuuussssss me.
“Nature divorcement is not simply about people spending less time in forest (or prairies or mountain ranges), it is a practice of abandoning a way of thinking about ourselves. We no longer consider ourselves part of the local ecology where we live. There are wild plants, fungi, animals and other forms of life that interact with each other and the nonliving components on the landscape (e.g., rocks, soil, water)— and then there are the humans who live near (but outside of) those things. And while this belief is utterly false, it is the prevailing mindset. Humans consider themselves separate from and above other forms of life. Though we are unique, beautiful, and capable of amazing things, is this not true for other-than-human persons as well?
Perhaps most harmful to our health is the attitude that we are no longer wild animals. We see ourselves as civilized, risen up out of the savagery that was life prior to the advent of society. In fact, we are domesticated, not civilized (there is a big difference). Our steady march away from natural living has cost us dearly. However we cannot truly see this disconnection from nature for what it is because a bias against nature has been designed into society for countless generations. We use the word “savage” to describe native peoples who practice gratitude in daily life. European imperialists used an early form of the Discovery Doctrine to take land from native peoples and inflict on them cultural loss, forced-march relocations, starvation, massacres, and out right genocide (who is actually savage?). We justified this, in part, because they were wild animals and we were civilized. Consider the synonym suggested for the word “wild” by the word processing software I am using to write this manuscript include: rough, desolate, barren, remote and harsh. Contrast this with those suggested for the word “civilized”: cultured, educated, refined, and enlightened. So, not only are we disconnected from nature, we are biased against it, and are very education system (formal and informal) seeks to amplify the degree to which with you nature as unnecessary, inferior, and a backward step for humanity.”
— “A New Path” by Arthur Haines
I wanted to introduce these characters once their sheet was done, but will I ever finish a lineart and actually color?  Probably not. So for a placeholder I wanted to create this. ----------------------------------------------------Name: Shizuka Yuunagi (夕凪静香, Yuunagi Shizuka)
Name Meaning:
 静(Shizuka:silence,calm,gentle,tranquil etc). 静香(香 means nice smell). 夕凪(ゆうなぎ Yuunagi)  means evening calm. 凪 means stopping wind and wave(ripple)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: July 7th
School: Ketsubutsu
Occupation: Student
Hero name: 
Helpful Hero
Positive: Helpful | | Determined | Honest |  Hardworking | Fearless | Valiant
Negative: | Reckless | | Detached| Gullible | Apathetic | Uncongenial
Quirk: Parasite
Shizuka’s quirk to her understanding is a living parasite that her body naturally creates. When Shizuka’s quirk comes in contact with something two different scenarios will occur. If the object is living it will naturally begin to weaken, as the quirk saps away it’s potential energy. If Shizuka’s quirk comes in contact with a nonliving substance it will begin to stretch, as Shizuka’s quirk allows her to change the fundamentally structure of the substance via ductility. To her knowledge this allows her to simply “stretch” things, to an outside perspective it may seem as though the girl is simply rubberizing objects, however it’s much more complicated than that. Shizuka is actually causing the substance to forcefully disform, but Shizuka’s quirk allows her to misshapen a material while still creating a sufficient hold on the molecules so that it doesn’t simply break. Using this ability Shizuka can alter the resilience of an object, thus allowing her to effectively make the hardest of substances as brittle as glass. This ability in a nutshell allows Shizuka by proxy to manipulate the toughness/softness and resilience of a non living matter her quirk interacts with.
Nice poster, is not it?

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