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Mother Nature - Cave
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The day after the team BBQ the women’s volleyball team hiked up to a cave entrance before descending into it. After the group moved through a narrow passage at the beginning of the cave, the majority of the athletes realized it was different than a regular team building activity. 
Soon, the group came across a den of animal bones, which added to the stress of an already challenging experience. Walking through the expansive spaces, the girls were able to see the cave creation process, endless tunnels and unreal beauty of Mother Nature. Further, the team was divided into three groups, all of which moved in different directions. 
Group #1 (our group) was supposed to explore a tiny tunnel, which was one of the scariest of the cave tour. After some troubles in clarifying the right directions which led to heated discussions, we agreed that we would keep moving to the “room.” However, that led us into an unknown cave system instead of the fully explored one that they had originally planned to visit. At that point we were left thinking that a rescue was questionable. 
As the group pressed forward with hopes of finding an exit, we discovered climbing equipment from a previous caver and a cave painting that suggests an exit exists.
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PS thanks to canmorecavetours for this experience
Mother Nature doesn't stop amazing me! Yesterday we had the chance of visiting one of the biggest cave complexes in the world and it was breathtaking! A complete different world underneath the world we know, so surreal and so real! I stood in awe at these hundred of thousands of years formations. The pictures don't do justice to its beauty.

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Nice poster, is not it?

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