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Muay Thai
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What is the Muay Thai Decathlon? - If you’ve been looking to compete in Muay Thai but don’t want to fight, spar or get hit...then you should enter the Muay Thai Decathlon!
- Muay Thai based competition consisting of 10 events requiring no sparring or head contact of any kind. - You will need a partner.  Mostly to hold pads.  You can choose your teammate or enter a pool where you will matched with a teammate. 
When is it?

Sunday September 29th 9am at BETA Academy

How do you enter?

Sign up at the front desk

How do you win? 
Each event will have a 1st through 10th place winner.  10 points will be awarded to the 1st place winner, 9 for 9th place and so on and so forth with 10th place receiving 1 point.  Once all events have been completed, all the points will be tallied at the end of the event.

We will have medals for the Top 3 Teams, Top 3 Men, and Top 3 Women.

10 second Overview of each of the 10 Events:
#Kicks - Left
#Kicks - Right
#Alternating Teeps
#clinch knees
4-Count Bob and Weave Out
Counter Combinations
Alternating Elbows
Agility Strikes (Criteria Accuracy, Technique, and Degree of Difficulty)
Combination String
Obstacle Course

Thank you to editor_jon for the promo video!
Wai khru ram muay is a ritual performed by participants before fighting in muay Thai competitions. The wai is a traditional Thai greeting with the palms together as a sign of respect. Khru is the Thai form of the Sanskrit word guru meaning 'teacher'. Ram is the Thai word for dancing in classical style, and muay means 'boxing'. The full term can therefore be translated as “war-dance saluting the teacher”... lots of non Thai kick boxers prefer to skip it, but I love it. I exist in the space where “art” meets “martial”. Photo by rusticoakphotography #muaythai #thailand #kickboxing #martialarts #fighter #mma #fitness #beastmode #karate #travel #history #culture #wanderlust
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