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Muay Thai - Cave
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So Oct. 15th is the day I set out to accomplish number three of ten on my milestone check list That i started when I was 22... 13 years ago... a first class ticket around the world... 🙌🏼🤩... I was asked by my brother, a world renowned urological reconstructive surgeon, if I would have any interest of speaking with him at the urological conference he is headlining in Chiang Mai Thailand .. of course I said yes as me speaking to a group of physicians is always an adventure but to do it in this setting and in this speciality it’s a true honor... plus it gave me an excuse to go to Thailand.. finding out he was doing some charity surgeries in Athens, a place I also haven’t been, I decided on the spot to join him there as well and complete my first around the world trip... it was too perfect not to! 
So I started researching what my “24,901” mile route would be along with what I wanted to do in each country I stopped in. Here’s what I have so far:
Athens - backflip in front of Parthenon (the progress has been great learning to do one of these thus far as it is not only physically but mentally it’s a mind fuck) - Bungee jump the Corinthian canal (did the Victoria Falls bridge in Africa so why not this one in Greece)
- Temple of Poseidon at sunset drone video... simply because I’m a drone addict
- ha long bay 5 star cruise with tai chi, kayaking, cave exploring, squid fishing, fishing villages and of course eating a scorpion! 
- Receive a Sak Yant tattoo from a Buddhist monk with the old school bamboo rod that he gets to pick where 😨 - White temple- because it’s fucking stunning - Golden triangle to learn all about opium ...;) and check off Burma and Laos from my countries lists (another milestone goal) - Tiger kingdom - tiger keeper for a day - Ride in a rickshaw blitzed - Watch a live Muay Thai fight
- Speak on stage with my brother for the first time
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