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new year party – Merry Christmas & Happy New ...
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Melbourne lost an icon and institution in the early hours of this morning. The beautiful Bruce Mckenzie had been the bartender at DTs for 23 years - ever since they opened. He was one of the kindest, most generous, funniest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was always greeted with a giant smile, a "Hello Darlin!", a wet pussy shot and a packet of salt and vinegar chips whenever I went in for a drink. He’d always tell me how excited he was whenever he’d see me pop up on TV. I could always count on a Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday or Happy New Year text from Bruce the moment I woke up. He was an integral part of the Melbourne gay community and raised hundreds of thousands for various charities over the years. Anyone that ever crossed paths with Bruce will know that he was just damn fucking special. So we are going to give back by putting on a gala benefit to assist his gorgeous partner Akira featuring a bunch of his friends and favourite performers. If you'd like to come and celebrate this brilliant man you can find the ticket link in my bio - I'll be performing alongside Rhonda Burchmore, Granny Bingo, Dolly Diamond and plenty of others... with an after party across the road at DTs (featuring plenty of wet pussy shots, of course). Thomas, Kyle and I went to see Bruce in hospital yesterday dressed as his favourite band, ABBA, to crack some jokes with Bruce who was still on fire, as always... and argue over which of us was Agnetha (I'm still sure it's me). Truly devastated to lose such a spectacular human far too soon but also grateful for the reminder of what a special community I'm so lucky to be a part of... and what fucking excellent friends I have.
Bye Summer Hi(gh) School.. soon we will meet Santa Claus and then the Easter Bunny .. Meanwhile someone will get married .. ‘I Do.. I Do .. I Do’ .. but first we look out for a spectacular New Year’s Eve Party ! #Merry Christmas Cards #New Year’s Eve party invitation #Happy Easter Cards #Wedding Invitation #SoCards 😉
Our Christmas party is here again !!! 25th of December 2018 . Come party with friends n family,  lots of Games and fun fun fun!!!... for just one thousand naira only (N1,000). Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year in Advance ..
A very high values thanks 🙏🏻 to all our customers for showing full faith in us and believing in us. We value our relationship
and strive to strengthen our bond more in the coming new year. Lets hope for a better brand building for both the parties
next year and lets celebrate the holiday season in full spirit of joy. We at tayland_the_cobbler wishes  all our Cherished customers a Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 👞 And a prosperous Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas 🌲🎅⚡! And a happy new year from us Pascal family 🙌! 🌠
.❄️ May God bless y'all in year 2019 🔅 and have a blessed year ❤️💥! .. 💌leave out the negativity Outta u and walk with confidence and hope into the world of obstacles and crames💢 ! .....bring out the bright side of u ❣️. .....let the devil inside u washout in the name of Jesus ✝️🔅! .........#merrychristmas #yearendingsoon #newyear #family #love #instagood #party #xmas
3 Tips toHandle Peer Pressure

It's the Christmas season and a time for many parties and other activities. 
You will be tempted to go to places that you should not be seen at and do things that you should not do, so I thought to share with you five tips that will come in handy for you this season, in handling the pressure that is sure to come from your friends. 
1. Be Convinced About Your Convictions:

This will involve you sitting down to think about the kind of life that you want to live and how you want to achieve it.

When you do this, it will open you up to the kind of things you need to be doing and stop doing or not do at all in order to get to your desired destination.

It also involves deciding what your values are. 
Values are those principles that you consider to be important to you. They are the building blocks that you build your life on as a person.

Take firm hold of your values and of your convictions. They will help you easily overcome peer pressure. 
2. Learn to Say NO and Be Unapologetic About It: 
That means that you should learn how to say an emphatic NO and refuse to be dissuaded from what you believe in. 
Say NO and mean it. It will show to your friends that you are convinced about what you decided to do.

If you hesitate and dilly-dally, your friends won't take you seriously and will trample on your decision when next you make them.

Then again, when your friends know you for saying a NO and sticking to it, they won't pressure you to do bad things in future.

3. Walk Away and Stay Away from Bad Situations:

It's one thing to say NO, it's another thing to stay in that situation which you know is not right for you. 
There's no point sticking around after you have made it clear that you will not be a part of it. Go home.

If you still stay on, chances are that they will look for a way to get you involved. 
Besides, stay away from friends that try to make you do bad things or else one day you will give in and become like them.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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