Poster Peace & Love: Water And Fire.

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Peace & Love: Water And Fire.
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An affirmation from me to you today: 
When the Sun kisses my heart I feel unstoppable...I AM EARTH WATER AND FIRE! A TRUE FORCE.. SO INCREDIBLY STRONG INSIDE OF MY OWN POWER! . FREE!!... OF PAIN AND FEAR..OPEN TO MY OWN EXSISTANCE.. MY OWN POTENTIAL ready willing and able to make a real difference in this world  with my small small life. SHINE GURL..ALIGN... ITS step into MY OWN serve others.. TO LOVE.. TO GIVE.. BECAUSE I AM A PART OF SOMETHING WAY BIGGER! and I am gonna RISE! 🙏🌎 Have a beautiful Friday! 📷 credit: the_dani_g  no filters just our beautiful planet! Thank you for this magical  shot Miss Dani! 😘

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Larimar + Clear Quarts 
Made with lots of love and reiki blessings 🐚 🌊 🐚

Larimar is a mesmerising stone with  calming and soothing properties. 
With its blue, blue-green and white patterns reminiscent of waves from the sea, it has both a water and fire eIements due to it’s birth from volcanic activity. 
Larimar is a rare stone that can only found in the Dominican Republic.

It is a beautiful and peaceful stone for the throat and heart chakras.

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A year ago August 18th 2018
We are ones who walk in peace,
as peace,
for peace.
We are the gardeners of our dreams seeds,
nourishment for the people,
and sustainability for the planet.
We are the artists. 
Dance, music, creativity, color, vibrancy fills our home and lives.
We walk with the protection of our angels,
the wisdom of our ancestors,
held by the four daughters. 
We walk together in the direction of our hearts. 
We tend to our love. 
We create our life. 
We bring peace to one another. 
May we love and live shared expansion.
May we listen to one another deeply.
May we speak to one another in truth.
May we honor the path of one another,
May we in-courage always and in all ways,
the one we are and the one we are becoming.
May we laugh and dance often and always.
May we dream together in the night and the day,
always awake to the beauty.
May we see and BE together in the natural world.
May we remain open and receive the blessings
of wellness,
our loved ones,
abundance in all forms
and the love we have come here to gift one another. 💛
I have seen the water in your tears of joy and transformation.
I have heard the wind in your whisper and your powerful song.
I have felt the earth in your skin and in all the ways you have held me.
I feel the fire in our passion for one another and our collective purpose.
All of my senses are open to you.
All of my heart is open to you.
All of my future is open to you.
This is the doorway and with you I walk through.
I see you.
I honor you. 
I will always consider you. 
I thank you. 
I choose you.
In Peace.  With Peace. As Peace.
I do.
we have experienced and created so much in a year. I love you and celebrate you each day! tio.curtie7 hbwholistics
Find your moment of Peace
Between the fires
Find Peace
Within your Heart
Find Peace
Within your Soul
Nothing is worth worrying about
Find the moment of Love
Between Inhale
And Exhale
Be the Air
Be the Light
Be Water
And Earth
And Be At Peace✨
#lyrics by Görel Havtorn
#peace #beautifulgarden #waterreflection
#beautiful_world #photoart #photomagic #landscapephotography #naturelover #beatpeace #believe #trust #miracle #positivechange #positivevibes #loveiseverywhere #iam #love #light #wildwoman #powerful #awakened #angel #shaman #lightwarrior #divinelove #eternallove #loveislove🌈 #womenlovewomen #queenslovequeens
Earth, Air, Fire & water element of peace & power ' elixir of life
I call you forth from your realm
To guide and guard me... 🔮🌸🔮🌸🔮🌸🔮🌸🔮 What you can't see, is more powerful than you think.
So Express love, 
healing and touching feelings that we all can relate to.
I sat back and watched you grow into our dreams 
Holding onto the unknown times we shared 
The word forever 
Sometimes the impact of mendacious behavior leaves
us without the freedom to believe in love again
But instead focusing on the recent past,
You begin to realize 
It' was just part of the relationship 
That was developing in different ways
Weather is was good or bad
you either chose to work at it 
Or simply walk away....
Can we live our lives together just like it all began 
And hold onto the love story we created
And all the trials we overcame 
The misunderstood trial & error 
The executions of emotions 
We tend to bury  or numb ourselves 
Just to avoid pain and heartache.
I know this isn't a conventional love story
I know there is all sorts of reasons I shouldn't even 
Be saying what I am,
But its part of me and I definitely lost myself 
To someone I had loved..
A wild nonsense - mean't for the crazy in love
Because even if its no good
It was what we did have together!
You are responsible for your own actions 
And your own life,
Be confident enough 
To love yourself no matter the situations 
Or heartache you went through 
Because at the end of the day
You are the One carrying your own heart
Your own thoughts, your own bravery 
To step a side Express Love
For the one who deserves your best 
Even when your at worst 💯

Cleanse this space' remove the past'
I've found my happiness at long last 
Fill this space with joy and love 
Send your blessings from above.
#latepost #words #lovestory #picture_to_keep #interacialrelationships
I’ll be taking a break, a week or so, away from all devices for a much desired break. Thankful to connect with the land and the animals and myself and to commune with the Spirit world.  Gifts that are so often taken for granted. Gifts that empower, revive and reset our perspective, our bodies, our hearts and our souls. All the while I’ll be sending out healing energy, love and prayers to all humanity and the Earth and all life.... especially the little babies and youth of our world. May we all be eternally and powerfully blessed and in the greatest connection to our Beloved Creator and all that is true and of peace. Much love world and life... I love you. 🙏💗✨
#trees #forest #land #animals #children #humanity 
#water #fire #air #medicine #allthatispureandtrue #gratitude
Nice poster, is not it?

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