Poster Photos of Young People Helping the Elderly

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Photos of Young People Helping the Elderly
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To all of those who don't know. I am sort of a metro person.  So yesterday as usual I was going to run my errands. The metro was full of people. There were the typical group of aunties talking and gossiping. There were kids crying running out of there mum's hand. College going students ranting about there exams. The normal office going people. The isolated people. The one's who are busy with phone and  earbuds in looking cool and all. There was a young looking guy. Who was blind. He was asking for help but no one came forward as soon as I noticed him . I went  to help him out but before me there was an elderly looking man who helped the guy.  The elderly looking man was a retired army officer. Which I got to know after talking to him.  He told me he couldn't not see an Indian helpless so he helped him out. I don't know if that hits you hard or not but to me I actually realized there were hundreds of Indian citizans present on that platform but no one helped not even for the sake of humanity but there was this  army officer. Retired or not, young or old. It does not matter. He is still holding our nation.  I could see the love for our nation in his eyes. I could feel the energy in his body . I could feel the pride when he talked about INDIA. An army officer never leaves his duty. They still help the nation to grow without getting paid . This selfless act makes me promise to myself to be kind and helpful towards everyone . To spread love rather than hate. I hope you do the same.
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Wow what a week continued.... I just got back from London last night and regardless of the fact that I was jet lagged, had prior commitments to attend to, class, and a mountain of work to climb I made it to the Global Climate strike here in Pittsburgh. I was just blown away by students and young people’s work all around the word only to come back to my home community to be even more inspired. anais_pgh  leandrakmira and everyone else who worked to organize this I want to thank you so much. I can only do so much in the lab, we need more people like you to get people off the sidewalks and into the streets. Not only in Pittsburgh but there were strikes all over the world where people came in all shapes and sizes to fight for the one thing that unites us all, the planet. When my grandchildren ask me what did I do to protect their air, water, soil, and futures I can say I was marching in the streets, what will you say? gretathunberg has organized a movement where people all over the world strike for climate on Friday’s so come out next Friday peeps let’s build a positive feedback loop of inspiration and hope. 
The energy at these events is amazing everyone I asked would share water with me after I repeatedly exasperated my voice. dpomps_ and I saw an elderly man who had walked from the north shore to attend take a spill and we instantly rushed to help him up only to find he was starting an eco village community. He said we inspired him and I told him he inspired me. You can change the world no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. You only need to believe you can.
Photos by dpomps_
#EnglishwithUs .
My day routine .
1. Cat-мысық-кот
I live in a “Cat yard”, my yard calls so, because there are a lot of cats near my house. That’s why the first photo is the photo of cat
2. Library- кітапхана-библиотека
When I came to the work, firstly directed to that place.
3. Flower 🌹- гүл- цветок
Today is my colleague’s bday. There were flowers in her table
4. Help-көмек-помощь
At the lunchtime I saw how old woman was helped by young. I always happy yo see such a kind people
5. Bicycle-велосипед-велосипед
When returning from the work saw those children, who were discussing global problems of them 😜 (their global problems)
6. Coloring book-бояу кітапшасы-раскраска
While waiting for my son from the lesson this adorable little girl is waiting for her elder sister and drawing always 😍
7. Color-бояу-красить
Adorable Little girl’s mother after a long working day is just sitting and coloring for relaxation
8. Playground-балалар алаңы-Детская площадка
As usual after the lessons my son plays at the playground with his friends
9. Tea with lemon-лимонмен шай-чай с лимоном
After a long working day I’m relaxing with tea with lemon. Without thinking about anything. It’s my time
10. Cook-пісіру-готовить
At the end of my day I cook to the next day. Because the next day also will be so long and hard
It’s my day routine. Of course, it isn’t the whole moments of my day. Just part.
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