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Tu dois acquérir ou avoir la capacité de voler, courir,marcher comme l’aigle 🦅 si tu ne veut pas être pris pour un Pigeon, car il n’ont pas la même altitude💪🏽. Les chats ne marche pas avec les lions.
Loved making this campaign for Children 1st with the Frame Agency. A huge team effort. A really special piece of creative from Simon Parker and Callum Robertson at Frame that allowed us to really think big. Casting by the incredible Claire Catterson to find the remarkable Paige (I know we'll be seeing more of her in the future). I'm very proud of this piece of work, special from start to finish in no small part to the fantastic posse at MTP including super producers Maeve McMahon and Marcy Paterson, the team of Katie, James, Brad and Morgane, Emma, Gordon & Kenni, wonder DOP Ben Moulden, dear friend, long time collaborator and genius colourist Simone Grattarola and the posse at Time Based Arts, bold sound mix from John Cobban at Arteus, a stonking edit from Jack Lang, the Frame team of James, Gillian, Ailsa & Angus, the Children 1st team of Barbara, Peter & Fiona, Camera team Mits, Bartek & Alan, Gaffer Fraser Campbell, grip from the mighty Dave Clarke, location sound Colin Gregory, styling and art direction from I'll Be Your Mirror's Stu & Kirsty, 1st AD Henry Gordon, spark Craig McClelland, oh, and all the people, pigeons, cars and planes that had to be painted out from stations, high streets and motorways - that'll be the VFX by Angus Wilson and his team at Face North VFX. There are many more, all a brilliant bunch.

The shoot took us all over Scotland, once again an epic odyssey. Huge thanks to everyone involved. ** LINK IN BIO ** Please donate to Children 1st at:

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A Small American Roadtrip: Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg

I was not prepared for Pigeon Forge. I had read that it was kitsch (leaning towards tacky), but I never could have anticipated just how appalling it truly was. And this is coming from me, a girl who generally doesn't mind a cliche or a hokey tourist trap.

Essentially, the main street of Pigeon Forge is 6 miles of off-Disney tourist attractions. Think Orlando, Clifton Hillls, and any boardwalk all mashed up into one and placed at the foothills of some of the nicest mountains in America. It was horrible, fascinating and very American.

To add to the Wonderland-like experience, we happened to be driving through when an antique car show was going on. The cars were driving up and down the street; parked in every conceivable parking space; and people lined the streets like they were watching the Santa Claus parade. It look us an hour to drive 9 miles and we probably saw 2,000 antique cars.

On the other side of Pigeon Forge is Gatlinburg — the American equivalent of Banff but on steroids. There are still ten mini golf courses and six-story giftshops everywhere, but they're all designed in a faux-chalet style. Because now you're in the mountains, get it? 
Good lord it was an experience.

1) One of THREE fake castles, two of which were both mirror mazes

2) And here I went all the way to California to see Alcatraz

3) Mount Rushmore of Hollywood star AND King Kong all in one convenient location!

4) At this point, this was one of the more normal buildings

5) I admit that I would probably go play candy themed mini golf

6) Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, behold! A replica Titanic, complete with iceberg and a fountain at the bow to make it look like water was breaking on the ship

7) The Pancake Panty was the first pancake House in Tennessee apparently and boy did the trend take hold. I've never seen a place with so many pancake houses

8) Yes, the fountain is ON FIRE. Naturally.
#pigeonforge #gatlinburg #tennessee #help 
This is Frida. I don't actually know if Frida is a boy or girl but what I do know is that Frida is a very lucky pigeon. 
She's lucky because I found her between parking cars next to a busy road trying to stand up but failed everytime she moved.
I took her with me eventhough I had a very important meeting but I just couldn't left her on the cold, wet ground just let her wait for death. When I made a little pillow out of my jacked she immediately calmed down.
I took her home and reached out in some Facebook groups for help. For somebody who is experiencing with sick pigeons.

Frida is now safe and getting treated with food, water, medication and love.❤ This is one lucky story but there a way more unlucky ones because pigeons are often left for their miserable fate. People seeing sick animals and don't take actions.

I would like you to open your eyes more when you're outside. Don't walk away when a fluffy pigeon is sitting on the ground when it's cold and/or rainy - that's a symptom of a helpless soul. And don't worry, pigeons don't infect people with diseases!! So just pick them up and reach out for help!

Let your actions have a happy end !

#awareness #pigeon #rescue #dontlookaway #help #save #animals #peace #love #cute #humanity #birds #reachout #healthy #sick #life
Diga não aos produtos coreanos porque eles disseram sim a matança dos cachorros e o pior: são indiferentes. Você ainda vai dar dinheiro para eles continuarem com isso? Lembrando que já houve casos de explosão de baterias de celulares de marca coreana bem famosa no mercado. Cada celular que você compra da marca deles, te torna partícipe porque eles nada fazem para evitar a matança. Governo brasileiro, por favor fiscalizem os restaurantes coreanos, chineses, vietnamitas, pois soube de um boato que utilizavam carne de pombo no lugar de frango, o que é altamente arriscado à saúde humana pelo risco de transmissão de toxoplasmose, vulgarmente conhecida como "doença do pombo". Quer motivo maior para vocês evitarem? Bem, eu avisei, depois não digam que é culpa dos pombos. 
Vigilância sanitária, acorda! Olho nos coreanos, chineses e vietnamitas!!! onde há fumaça, há fogo!! Se há boato é porque tem um fundo de verdade. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dites non aux produits coréens car ils ont dit oui au massacre de chiens et le pire: ils sont indifférents. Allez-vous toujours leur donner de l'argent pour continuer avec ça? Rappelant qu’il ya eu des cas d’explosion de batteries d’une très célèbre marque de téléphone portable sud-coréenne sur le marché. Chaque téléphone portable que vous achetez de leur marque fait de vous un participant, car ils ne font rien pour empêcher le meurtre. Veuillez vérifier les restaurants coréens, chinois et vietnamiens, car il a été répandu d'utiliser de la viande de pigeon plutôt que de la viande de poulet, qui présente un risque élevé pour la santé humaine en raison de la transmission de la toxoplasmose, communément appelée «maladie du pigeon». Voulez-vous une plus grande raison de l'éviter? Eh bien, je vous ai prévenu, alors ne dites pas que c'est la faute des pigeons. 
Surveillance de la santé, réveillez-vous! Les yeux sur les Coréens, les Chinois et les Vietnamiens !!! Quand il y a de la fumée il y a du feu!! S'il y a une rumeur, c'est parce que ça a un vrai fond.

#mangerviandechien #dogmeat #vietnam #chine #cambodgie #laos
Nice poster, is not it?

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