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Muay Thai (68+ images)
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Kicking Top Tip:

When someone refers to chambering a kick, they mean drawing the technique back in preparation for exploding forward as seen in the image above.

There are three types of chamber that is likely to be used. A full chamber (foot to backside), half chamber (less than or equal to 90 degrees at the knee) and a 45 degree chamber (greater than 90 degrees at the knee). Depending on the desired kick, a different type of chamber may be used. For example, to execute a spinning hook kick, a 45 degree chamber is ideal.

Chambering the kick is primarily seen in Taekwondo, however is not absent from styles such as Muay Thai. It mustn't be confused with "snapping" the kick (or recoil in NSJJ) which refers to pulling the kick back just on or after contact, not common in Muay Thai but very common in Taekwondo and NSJJ.

There are four main benefits to chambering a kick:

Power: If you draw the kick fully back into a full chamber, you are increasing the distance the kick has to travel, allowing speed to generate as the kick is delivered, increasing the power of the kick. By drawing your leg back you are also allowing an accurate targeting of the strike point, allowing a straight trajectory to the target, rather than a sweeping motion which reduces the power of the kick.

Protection: When the knee is chambered before the kick, there is a period where your body is protected from any hostile striking, however you sacrifice balance during this time.

Deception: The majority of kicks taught (turning kick, front kick and side kick), the chamber is taught a similar way. The reason for this is when the knee is chambered, the opponent does not know which kick is going to be thrown, allowing the martial artist to feign the technique.

Height: The higher the knee the higher the kick. A common saying throughout NSJJ classes, and it is true. By raising the knee high, it greatly improves range of motion, increasing the height of the kick.

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Вместить 9 часов в 30 секунд видео♥️ 🌄✈️🏝👙👶🏽👧🏽💋
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Шампанское со льдом. 
Опущены ресницы. 
Счастливый спрятан взгляд. 
Рыдает саксофон...
Настроение - пятница. Прекрасная Валентина. Такая красивая. Такая шикарная. Прийти с работы, снять каблук, наполнить фужер вкусным шампанским и расслабиться после рабочей недели...
Фотограф: photo_de_marry
Локация: woodbaze
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