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人妻沈卓盈晒白色泳衣照賀35歲生日 - 娛樂 - 生活消費 - 頭條日報 Headline Daily
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[lot of words ahead, read if you will]
As this summer draws to a close, I’d like to share some thoughts I’ve had over the past few months. Throughout the summer, I’ve watched myself grow, and experience the world as a ever changing being. I’ve come to really realize my values, my ultimate goals in life, and really just who I am as a person. -
I’ve also spent a lot of time reflecting about what social media means to me. I’ve struggled with the concept of it, and how it correlates to who I really am. I’ve spent multiple years trying to discover the “character” I want to display on social media (no ones social media is ever truly them, it’s always a character they portray). This summer, I have really realized that, and this is my attempt to break down any barriers I have between my true physical being, and what you all see on your screen. -
Enough about me, the reason I’m writing this long message is because of an issue that I believe all of us young folk are feeling the effects of, whether we realize it or not. I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m overwhelmed by the seemingly immense responsibility and pressure that is cast over us as a generation. I feel utterly drowned in headlines such as “New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ Starting in 2050,” put out by Vice, and “Climate change could pose 'existential threat' by 2050,” by CNN. We are all fed numerous hopeless headlines daily, seeming to inevitably secure our fate as a planet. And the part about this issue that is the most devastating is that the articles speak in detail of the looming climate catastrophe: what it’s like, who’s affected, and how to survive it. Not to mention the loads of apathetic statistics. -
[continued in comments]
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WHERE'S MY WALKLEY AWARD?! 😂 A huge thank you to my friend and editor, valentinatodoroska at 10dailyau, for crafting THE HEADLINE OF MY LIFE!!!!!! I think this is my favourite headline of all time to grace one of my stories! (Editors usually write headlines for my stories, probably because my own headlines are even more crazy than this one!)
⚡️ Thank you for having me on the site, Valentina and 10 Daily!
⚡️ The other thing that I hated seeing on Facebook was photos of freshly born babies, still covered in blood and goop. NOPE!
⚡️ Jokes aside, I am very glad that I'm not on Facebook any more. I do feel FOMO, especially when I hear that important events are being organised on it (e.g. a school reunion), but overall I am much happier without FB.
⚡️ The "old" Carla is something I also want to address, maybe in an essay some day. But this story makes mention of who I used to be, and the great shame and regret I feel over it. From the age of 18 until my late 20s, I was a fundamentalist Christian, and thought it was funny to make fun of anyone who was not in that group. I will be forever ashamed of the fact that, at the time, I did not support equal marriage and made fun of anyone who wasn't straight and Christian. I'll never be able to apologise enough for my actions at the time, but I'll say it again and always: I am sorry. I am sorry for being awful. I still believe in God and am figuring out my beliefs regarding Jesus. But I am out of the toxic culture of conservative churches. I am very grateful for my friends and family who lovingly put up with me and also gently told me when I was being a dickhead. ❤️❤️❤️
More bad science and contradictory media headlines this week, sadly this time published in the reputable medical journal - The Annals of Internal Medicine.  When you dig a little deeper, the recommendations made by the Nutrirec panel actually CONTRADICT the statistical findings in their articles.
Per PCRM (
“‘All of the papers show adverse effects on all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, of meat and processed meat consumption, … The guidelines being published are at odds with the data in the very papers on which they claim to be based.’
A mountain of scientific evidence illustrates the ill health effects of a diet based on red and processed meat, including these few recent studies:
Eating red meat increases the risk of dying prematurely, including from heart disease or cancer, according to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health (Pan et al. Arch of Int Med, 2012). Among a group of 121,342 individuals followed for up to 28 years, each daily serving of red meat increased the risk of dying by 12 percent. For processed meats (e.g., hot dogs, ham, or bacon), each daily serving increased the risk of death by 20 percent.
A diet high in red meat increases risk for colon cancer in women, according to a study published online in the International Journal of Cancer (Rada‐Fernandez de Jauregui, et al. Cancer 2018).
A recent University of Oxford study concludes that eating just one slice of bacon a day is linked to higher risk of colorectal cancer (Bradbury, et al. Int J of Epidemiol, 2019).
A plant-based diet, however, can prevent and even reverse diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, among other benefits.”
It took decades and 7,000 epidemiological studies linking tobacco smoking and lung cancer before consensus guidelines were established by major medical groups.  Today, poor diet accounts for more morbidity and mortality and healthcare dollars spent than tobacco.  Don’t fall for the faulty headlines - red and processed meats are MAJOR culprits.
#evidencebased #diet = #wfpb
It was an absolute pleasure to headline this years Africa Utopia, INDABA X event on Friday night - kicking off a weekend of celebration, at the London southbankcentre .

I was incredibly nervous for two reasons; headlining at the Royal Festival Hall is no mean feat and filling a space of that magnitude with just my voice terrified me. Secondly, I was asked to pay tribute to my mentor, H.E Kofi Annan at the behest of his family. . 
One year since he passed, I was truly honoured to be asked to pay tribute to the man, the legend and the statesman. But, when I put pen to paper I struggled deeply. There is no speech and there are no words that can ever surmise who this giant was. .

So instead I told a story. A story about a humanitarian who helped me build a global network of CVE activists. I spoke of how Kofi changed my life and how his wisdom informs my daily work. I spoke of how much I miss him. And most importantly, I promised to not just live up to his legacy, but rather WE the youth will BE his legacy. . & ofc I completely and by accident wore the colours of the south bank! A great way to cap off the LDN summer 🌼

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