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Ariel Disney Princess
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✨essence x Ariel Disney Princess
Zaterdag was ik even bij de DM en daar zag ik van essence een hele toffe limited edition, met diverse Disney prinsessen😍 Tja ook al ben ik 31 de Ariel variant ging echt wel mee naar huis🙊
Om de maandagochtend een beetje op te vrolijker, alvast wat glitter en shimmer swatches✨ De volledige review komt waarschijnlijk deze week op Pinkit 😘
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Imagine being this piss because a black person got that role.. I know that there are so many who wrote "It's not a race problem, we are not racist .. It has nothing to do with the skin color. But what if you give change Hailey Bailey's hair color and give her contact lenses? Because then it is only the skin color that is suddenly a problem. "But back when H.C. Andersen wrote it, it was..." ... it was what? it was legal to have slaves? back then he could never write a story about an african girl because she was a slave? Because she was not a description of Danishness? Is that really what you argue for? A time in the 1800s where there were slaves and the women did not vote right?

The first black disney princess was in 2009, and it was first time, that I saw a disney princess with my skin color .. I still haven't seen one with my hair type. So excuse me if I can't quite understand that you can't relate to a Disney princess because she doesn't  have hair color or eye color, or skincolor as you. Because I haven't being that privileged.  But it's always fun to see what I've missed.

For me, it just seems like a vengeance that people mention Mulan, porcahontas, or Tiana. It's a kind of "you change our disney so we take one of yours." The problem with that is that if you take Ariel fx and change her skin color, then there is still about. 48 other Disney princesses as fair-skin / Caucasian skin color .. (probably more) If you take Tiana and change her skin color to Caucasian, then there is no other Disney princess with her skin color. 
Disney has created approx. 49 films from 1937 to 2009 before the first black disney princess was created. 70 years when by.. there was no representation of the black person for 70 years. There is still only the ONE black princess.

People getting angry because ONE white princess is being changed, they said "It is unfair," and there are more then 50 other white disney  princess, but still they talked about changing the one black princess.. and expect us to understand how it is unfair for THEM!🤦🏾‍♀️🙄😒🙃 Imagine being this privileged.. #LittleMermaid #Haileybailey #Disney #Ariel
Today is the birthday of the one and only Jodi Benson aka ARIEL and I wanted to do something to wish her a happy birthday so I decided to make a short singing video of Ariel’s iconic vocalizing!! Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses and Jodi Benson has had a big impact on my childhood and my life just by voicing Ariel! Thank you Jodi for making my childhood so magical and I hope you have a birthday as fintastic and beautiful as you are!! (Pun intended!) 💙🧜‍♀️🥰✨🌊 jodi.benson disneylittlemermaid thedisneyprincesses officialsierraboggess dianahuey #TheLittleMermaid #Ariel #PrincessAriel #Arielcosplay #DisneyPrincess #Disney #Disney #Princess #Mermaid
It’s a Dinglehopper! 🍴 
Who’s excited about the new essence_ireland  x ‘Disney Princess’ collaboration?! Inspired by the strong personalities of our favourite female Disney Stars, this colourful limited-edition collection includes 4 eyeshadow palettes (Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana & Belle), a highlighter palette (Rapunzel), a contouring palette (Pocahontas) and 6 matching makeup brushes. I’ve created this gorgeous eye look using the Ariel Palette, which contains 15 highly pigmented shades with a selection of matte and shimmer colours. The new essence x ‘Disney Princess’ limited edition collection is available now in Penneys & selected pharmacies nationwide. It’s time to find your princess within!

I used the ‘Ariel’ eye shadow palatte (€11.95) and ‘Ariel’ ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Tiana’ brushes! (€3.10 each)
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↬ wish i could be part of that world *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
somehow, people don’t seem to realise how important it is to have more people of colour on the big screen and small screen. something i’ve found rather entertaining is seeing people get so angry about disney’s choice to cast ariel as black, but i think that choice is so important for so many young black girls who only have one other black princess to look up to. growing up, i looked up to all of the princesses, especially belle and cinderella. why? because i could see myself in them. belle and cinderella were both white and, due to that, held a lot of societal privilege in a way people of colour sadly don’t/didn’t have access to. i spent years of my life looking up to so many characters - hermione granger and wendy darling just to name a few - and what each and every one of them had in common was that they were white. there is such a lack of black actors and actresses in hollywood and it angers me. the fact that white people are getting so pressed because ariel, a FISH, is going to be black in the live-action remake is actually hilarious. for starters, a lot of the same people who are pissed off about halle playing ariel were praying for zendaya to get casted for the role, and secondly, her skin tone is not an important part of her story at all - unlike characters like mulan, pocahontas and tiana - so it doesn’t matter for a second if she’s white, black, asian or latinx. personally, i think it’s really positive that disney have casted a black woman (who, by the way, has the most stunning voice ever) to play a princess in such a big budget and exciting remake which will bring thousands upon thousands of people to the cinema. also, i hope this sends a message to actors of colour that they can play traditionally white roles. it should not be the colour of someone’s skin that is important, but their talent, and halle is such a talented individual. now... let’s cast ursula as a white person because, as we can see, white people love taking black people’s voices away from them.
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this was so fun to make i love the idea of this collab! these people are so talented 🥰
{🏹} title- disney princesses as teens
{🌊} date- 3/9/2019
{🦋} qotd- who’s your favorite disney princess?
{💍} aotd- rapunzel!
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Nice poster, is not it?

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