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Clark Kent Tom Welling
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(07.12.18) In the early 00's I heard about this show called "Smallville". I was 13 yo at the time, but I still remember exactly what I felt the first time I watched it. I felt joy. Safety. Smallville soon became my absolutely favorite TV show and one of my all time favorite things in the world. I could relate to Clark in so many levels, but most importantly, I admired him. As a big Superman fan, I couldn't imagine a best actor to play Clark Kent, and I fell in love with Tom Welling as well. Tom was my first "TV crush", my first "favorite actor" and the very first celeb I ever loved. Although he was always on the screen, he never liked to give interviews very often, nor to be at the cover of magazines. He never had social medias before, nor attended to conventions regularly. He wasn't anything like the other celebs out there, which made me admire him even more. I've always dreamt of meeting him, but to be completely honest, I never thought that this day would ever happen, but it did, and Tom was even more kind, caring, loving and down to earth than I expected. Everyone always says that Tom is A LOT like Clark, quiet and kind, and turns out that they're absolutely right. He is unbelievably lovely, sweet, down to earth, humble and gentle. I feel like I met my favorite actor, one of my favorite people in the world, and also the personification of my absolutely favorite character. I could not have asked for a better role model growing up. Thank you, tomwelling. Thank you for your part in inspiring me to do good in this world. Meeting you was a dream coming true. May God bless you. I love you. ♥
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Según TheCW sabremos que paso 10 años después del final de Smallville con Superman ❤😵 "Durante ocho años, Arrow se puso sobre los hombros de Smallville ", dijo el EP Marc Guggenheim en un comunicado. “En pocas palabras, no habría Arrow ni Arrowverse sin ella. Entonces, cuando comenzamos a hablar sobre 'Crisis en Tierras Infinitas', nuestra primera, segunda y tercera prioridades fueron conseguir que Tom repitiera su papel icónico como Clark Kent. Decir que estamos encantados sería una subestimación del tamaño de Superman - Esto será ¡ÉPICO! ❤😱 [Fuente: ScreenRant, TVLine, Entertainment Weekly]
(09.12.18) Nothing but love for MY Superman ❤️ Tom cantou um "hellooooooo" quando entrei na salinha no segundo dia e imediatamente abriu o braço pra me chamar pra perto, me segurou do ladinho dele e começou a puxar papo comigo como se fôssemos velhos conhecidos, sem me largar um segundo, sempre me olhando nos olhos e sendo a pessoa mais educada que já conheci em toda minha vida, e eu só queria ficar lá assim, olhando dentro daqueles familiares, serenos e pacíficos olhos verdes pelos quais cresci amando tanto e que sempre me inspiraram tanta segurança e bondade. Citando Clark Kent, o uniforme não faz o herói, e sim, Tom Welling é um SUPER ser humano. E sim, EU FUI OFICIALMENTE LOIS LANE POR UM DIA! 🥺🥰 All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you, tomwelling.
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GRAYSON:Season One (A Fan Made Series) FANCAST (Part 2):
Ray Liotta as Tony Zucco

Kevin Bacon as Brother Blood

Ian Duncan as Trigon

Jaime Alexander as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

Joivan Wade as victor stone/Cyborg

Timothy Spall as Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter

Claire Holt as Jaina Hudson/White Rabbit

Madeline Petsch as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
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