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The beauty and the dude 4k Ultra and ...
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Same smile, same dude! No, actually, that is a horrible lie! I am in fact, a way better man than a year or two ago! Happier & healthier in every way! And now...I’m ultra pumped, motivated and inspired to improve every year, every week, every day! I have finally found my “WHY?” What a beautiful exercise this is! Goals, ambitions are great but if we don’t know WHY we want or desire something, we’ll never truly reach that target! OR WORSE...We might only reach just a tiny sliver of our true potential and leave so much on the table.
I started listening to an amazing podcast last week by themfceoproject and heard this episode, called “EMPTY THE TANK” that really got under my skin (in the best kind of way) and drove me to ponder what I was doing. Ad-libbing here but my takeaway was: Hopefully our batteries are 100% charged when we rise for the day. But where are those batteries at when we lie back to bed?! My goal is as close to Zero as possible! In fact, we can push ourselves past failure if we want to! Elite athletes do it all the time to perform and win the Gold! How badly do we want it?!
Most of us will not be elite athletes but we can perform mentally like one if we want to! What is our training ground? The couch? What is our excuse? We’re tired? Well, so is everyone else!!! I used to think CEO’s, super marathoners, boxing champions, Michael Phelps, MJ have more physical endurance, that they were more energetic because of some gift! To an extent, that is true! They have the gift they’ve given themselves! It’s called mental fortitude! 🧠💪🏼
You thought I was driven before?! I’m actually ashamed of what I’ve left on the table! Last week was a beautiful slap in my face! I’m now driven to reach my potential every damn day and I’m going to try my darnedest to help every person around me to reach theirs! I want to be depleted when I lie back in bed and to smile knowing that I honestly did everything I could for my wife!
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ultra mail stoke today from russdangit ! texas heat made one run a nice bit of red and it’s beautiful, i will be firing it up this evening 🔥🔥🔥
thanks a bunch dude!!!
#jakephelps the man, the #legend 
#skateboardingforever #thrashermagazine #neverforget 🙏
Nice poster, is not it?

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