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Last week I finally got to see the Antony Gormley exhibition royalacademyarts, and I'm surprised by how vulnerable it left me feeling. Take for example this picture of 'Lost Horizon I', a room where 24 faceless figures loom on every surface. Lost in this dizzying sea of iron men, I felt for the first time how sinister Gormley's work can be. .
The wows in this exhibition come from the monumental large scale installations, like the 6 tonne steel mesh cloud of Matrix III hanging menacingly over our heads, or the room filled with sea water and clay.
Another highlight is the moments which convey human vulnerability so simply, like the clay shapes arranged like a curled up human, or the cast of Gormley's six day old daughter crouched in the main courtyard.
It's not all hits - I was distinctly unmoved by the sparse three wires bisecting the galleries in 'Co-ordinate VI' for example. But overall it's a show worth seeing.
✔️The interactive works will appeal to all ages - like clambering through the giant squiggle of kilometres of metal, or donning a hard hat to enter the stomach of a nearly pitch black iron maze. ✔️It's a brilliant exhibition to introduce teenagers to Gormley's work.
❓BUT... if your kids are as boisterous as mine it's worth knowing that in many rooms there are artworks on open display with no barriers which are not suitable for little hands (or feet) to explore. ❓I'd love to bring the kids but will definitely need a ratio of at least 1 adult to 1 child to make sure I'm not stood shame-faced over a dismantled pile of clay 😱.
❕A downloadable Antony Gormley Arts Detective guide is available at
❕AND there's a FREE family workshop inspired by Gormley on Sunday 27 October 2019, 11am-3pm, drop in.
Antony Gormley runs until 3 December 2019 at the Royal Academy. More pics in story highlights 👆 and bookmark this post for later🔖if you're looking for ideas for family days out.
What do you think of Gormley's sculptures - friendly or sinister? #antonygormley #royalacademy #antonygormleysculptures
(192/365)  Nick Urata, lead vocalist and guitarist for DeVotchKa.
DeVotchKa's sad, lovely and cinematic sound is a surprisingly potent potpourri of cabaret, spaghetti Western, and Eastern European Gypsy songs.  From Russia to South America to Mexico and back again, DeVotchKa enhances its heady sonic cocktail with instruments not typically heard on the indie-rock circuit: a melancholic accordion, the extraterrestrial sounds of a theremin, and the soothing but sorrowful oomph of a tuba.  Catch them on tour now (info at!
About #ProjectSoul365 – Even in these tumultuous times of political unrest, we are All in this together.  #ProjectSoul365 seeks to expose the true soul of humanity, one face at a time. There are over 7 Billion people on Earth. Throughout 2019, I am making portraits of 365. Would you like to be one of them? If so, please direct message me now. I am looking for subjects of all ages, races, backgrounds and orientations. Large or small, we All have an interesting story to tell. Thank you.
Original photograph by Soulcatcher Studio Gallery Director Eric J. Keller. All rights reserved. All other content throughout Copyright 2002-2019, Soulcatcher Studio/Eric J. Keller. Please respect the individual rights of the artists by not copying or otherwise using their work without their written permission. Thank you.
#soulcatcherstudio #santafe #newmexico #gypsy #gypsypunk #folk #indiefolk #cabaret #guitar #guitarist #theremin #tuba #accordian #music #livemusic #concert
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