Poster Nasa Space Shuttle Fire

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Nasa Space Shuttle Fire
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I once designed something that went up in the Space Shuttle.  It’s not quite as fancy as that might sound however.  21 years ago, I had been settling in to a new job working for an about-to-launch space mission. I’d been hired to code some applications for the mission but had a group manager who was very confident in my general jack-of-all trades, try anything approach to work.  She nonchalantly asked me one day if I could design something that would go up in the Space Shuttle for them.  It was an all-hands-on-deck kind of phase in the mission so of course I agreed. 
What would I be designing?  A banner for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory mission that would launch the following year, STS-93, on Space Shuttle Columbia (being led by the first woman to command a NASA space shuttle mission, Commander Eileen Collins). Now, I absolutely don’t consider myself a *designer*, at all.  I can identify what good design looks like perhaps, but have little skill to actually do it.  But there was no one else around to give it a try, so I jumped in. I had the weird job of figuring out what sort of materials could go up in the shuttle (it was a special fire-retardant material), what size would work best, what might look good in microgravity, etc. We had a logo for the mission so I started with that and built around it. 
When, after launch, the STS-93 crew with Eileen Collins, Cady Coleman and the rest of the astronauts on board took their in-flight photo, the banner was behind them.  They brought the banner back to Earth too, of course, and it now hangs in our Chandra Operations Control Center, a memento of the hard work it takes to launch a complicated and sophisticated X-ray telescope up beyond our atmosphere. 
Though I have to admit I cringe quite a bit at the design of that banner twenty years later, I’m still rather proud to have had a hand in it at all – and to have had the kind of manager who let me wander down all sorts of paths – then and ever since.  The banner was a clue as to how my job would work: have an idea, play it out, research/refine/repeat.

What new things have you tried lately?
Starhopper completed tethered hop. All systems green per Elon Musk

HOT FIRE!!! Raptor comes to life at the base of Starhopper as the vehicle performs a tethered hop at SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch facility. This is the first ever firing of a rocket engine at the launch site. #SpaceX #Starship elonmusk 
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rocketlads This is Space Shuttle Discovery, coming back down from space after the STS-119 mission.Watch how carefully the pilots make sure that the Shuttle will come down slowly and safely!
See that fire truck at the end of the video?The Shuttle wil be swarmed by those vehicles once its wheels stop, so that they can take care of the crew and the vehicle.The fire truck is on hand... just in case.
Instagram page: thefactfunda 
YouTube channel: thefactfunda
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Nice poster, is not it?

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