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of the day! (05/06/2014) - Ink
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Commishtober Day 2.  Trying to keep it to inked items created for me (either I commissioned it, the artist made it for me, or someone commissioned it for me as a gift). Not figured any semblance of order to the posting.  This is X-23 by Jenaro Pagan, commissioned at the Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014.  He said I was his first commission — I think for the show but it sound like it might have been ever.  I don’t have any contact info for him either (I hope he’s doing well!) Anyway, it’s always nice to walk up to an artist’s table at cons and see what is going on.  The problem is sometimes that’s REALLY hard for me.  But I’m glad that I commissioned him.  I had fun talking to him and he seemed happy when I got the commission and was very pleased.  I like this as it’s an example of just jumping in randomly and seeing what an artist will create for you.  I picked this one just because it was totally new — a new artist to me, a character I’d never commissioned before, an artist who was fairly new to commissioning (esp at conventions), etc.  A sub-theme of why I’m doing Commishtober is to remind myself why I like to commission at cons and over the internet (which in general I’ve enjoyed far more). I pretty much stopped due to 6+ different people not delivering after I paid them ... in a stream of like 10 commissions (so like a 60% failure rate). Before I’d done about 200 commissions and I had 2-3 that I didn’t get. I’m sharing art while simultaneously reminding myself how much fun I had. Certainly the art brings me continuing joy.  Anyway, hope you enjoy.  I’m now off to figuring out what to post tomorrow...
Yesterday was Batman Day, and I didn’t post anything because I haven’t drawn him recently, and the way I draw now I think is much different to how I used to draw. 
Though I thought it would be fun to go back in time to look at the evolution of how I’ve approached him....
1. 2009 pencil drawing. This is my first ever pin up of Batman. Wouldn’t even touch inks back then 
2. 2010. Another one in pencils. Showed this to dan.slott and Ethan Van Sciver who loved it. Said I’d be working on Marvel and DC’s top books one day. My best compliment up to that point. 
3. 2014. Done as a pin up for the Supanova con that year. I couldn’t find anyone to ink it for me, and it was my first ever attempt at inking myself. 
4. 2014. Page 1 of some new samples. 
5. 2014. Page 2 of the same set. Learnt so much doing these, and while I knew I had much to learn they were awesome fun to do. 
6. 2015. Headshot commission done for a friend for free who purchased my comic book off my website I often throw free sketches in here and there ;)
7. 2017. Commission done a for an art collector at Supanova expo 
8 & 9. Last two are sketches of a pin up I will complete soon. Can’t wait to see how I’d approach good ol Bats now. 
I’ve always believed you know how good an artist is by how well they draw Batman because he can be a hard character to get right and I personally feel a lot fail him. Can’t wait to see what I can do now in 2019. Would have to say, he’s arguably the best comic book character ever. 
#batman #batmanday #pencil #ink #art #arte #story #sequentials #drawing #dc #dccomics #comics #comiccon #darkknight
Oops! It’s #inktober and I haven’t done a thing!!!
Last year I chose to do ink splashed and ink what I saw; a continuation of the style I unknowingly developed in 2014, simply trying to overcome my fear of watercolors by flinging it abstractly! It worked!
Now I have some fresh incentive to create my tent!
Remember folks- if you would like to support and to see me succeed, then I definitely need to see some! Sharing as caring, buying us awesome, commissions are humbling, but also a bit difficult to do and not really able to do until I secure a storefront or roof!!
So! Even if you want commissioned work and think it’s helping, I really cannot do anything until I have money to have a place TO create that commissioned piece!!
Please HALP so that I can offer art classes, workshops and more!!
- thanks so much for the support, and I’m hoping to see this through until I get closer to my goal, and finalize it all with a grand opening you’re all invited to! I only have 24 days to do this!!! The art show was not a fruitful as I had hoped, but grateful for the few folks who took the time out of their day, and wallet, to show their support!!
A Facebook event was just created and more to come tomorrow!! -
#ink #illustration #surrealism #abstract #style #interiors #collector #artcollector #artdealer #art #artist #sustainableart #sustainabledesign #offgridliving #artpreneur #maker #woodworking #designer #visionary #emergingartist
Tonight after our Canadian premiere of loupotiki’s ‘In Transit’ with ffdnorth, Company member chrissykokiri’s duet ‘Blue Ink’ will also be premiering as a part of Night Shift citadelcie_  with kruddles & carltolentino performing. An exciting day for #NZDC here in Canada! 
#Repost citadelcie_ with get_repost
Night Shift Artist Spotlight: Chrissy Kokiri (New Zealand Dance Company)

Kokiri's interest in contemporary dance began after working with Katie Burton in her final year of high school. From then she studied full-time at Unitec, completing her Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts Degree in 2013. In 2014 Kokiri worked with Okareka Dance Company and seconded with NZDC, becoming a full-time member in 2016.

Fascinated by the movement of the octopus, Kokiri's duet, Blue Ink reflects the complexity of this creature and its habits. Rhythm, pulse and sensation entwine, slip and slide, exploring the power and unpredictability of the sea and its creatures.

Check out Blue Ink in Night Shift’s Program 3 on October 4 at The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance. Doors and bar open at 9pm, performance at 10:30pm. Link to tickets in our profile.
📸: Chrissy Kokiri
#dance #choreography #toronto #yyzdance #citadelTO #social #FFDN #NightShift #poweredbyTAC #CCx20
Inktober - Day 12 - Favorite Band/Group (Real)

Big shocker, the robot lover likes the robot duo from outer space, Daft Punk.
Please stand in awe of the unexpected surprise!! :^0000

Their music is unrivaled and absolutely fantastic. "Random Access Memories" was their more recent release, which I got almost immediately after it came out back 2014 (jesus christ, so long ago (• ▽ •;)), and so far no other album has been announced.

They usually take their time and don't release one every year. If they do have one and are currently working, good. If not, eh, I'm not one to get desperate with these things because I know it takes time and extreme effort. ...Listen to Daft Punk. They're good.

Thomas' helmet isn't purple but all my greys either look purple or an extreme light brown so... Just go along with it.
(My prompts are extremely personal and don't follow a specific trend, idea or franchise. It will be all over the place with the only connection being me and my personal tastes)

#inktober #artist #daftpunk #thomasbangalter #guydemanueldehomemchristo #music #duo #band  #markers #myart #traditionalart #artetradicional #artistoninstagram #artistanoinstagram #ink #prompt
Nice poster, is not it?

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