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How high is the price of love?
If God of Love stands in front of me and asks me:
What are you going to give me for my blessing?
I don't know how to answer. Maybe I'll say," why am I sorry? Why would you hurt me like that? ". Then I'll shake his shoulder, Until his thoughts were in a mess, just like me. Some of the fuss. 
But no matter how hard I feel, I still believe in the power of love Maybe I'm a little silly, or a little naive, But maybe hope lives on.Although my heart is breaking now, Some people are still gloating. But I still firmly believe that love will eventually give us a chance.

It's not easy to stick to your beliefs, Especially when love stings you, you have doubts. Love does hurt, but... Love is the best emotion, For love, we are willing to give everything.Is that so? Is the price of such love too high? Are we really ready to die for love?

That's right! At least some people have written in the newspaper that:
Two young men, Olli and Christian, They suffer humiliation, discrimination and violence because they love each other, But keeping faith, never giving up, Fight to the end, so you don't regret it, True love will prevail.

In my opinion, Christian and Olli are heroes. Their story tells us that the truth of love is courage. . If you're destined to love each other...So even the world betrayed you, at least you won't be alone. It is much happier for two people to die together than to die on earth alone.Love hurts, but it may just be that love isn't strong enough. You may think you've really found your own half, but they're not.

Maybe sometimes our love isn't enough, Isn't enough for us to stand all the tests together. But the two of them did it, and with true love, they worked together to overcome all difficulties. I wish I could muster up the courage to put the past behind me and heal the old wounds and regain the new life.

That's why I wrote these words with my heart. One day, in the face of fate, I will not be humble, laugh about life, just like Olli and Christian!
Welcome to my page. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Nadia Leah. A lover of God, an unconventional Christian who has experienced the struggle of fighting with shame and trauma! Over the course of my  life, I have fought with many different experiences that have caused me to question why I’m a Christian and even contemplated leaving the faith.  Over time God has answered my many questions and has taught me more about His love. The purpose of this page is to encourage others who are in the throws of a journey to overcome the issues and pains of the past.  In this adventure of true self-discovery..... I hope that I can encourage you to push past the “negativity” and speak to that inner voice who seeks to ravish and destroy YOU, the powerful woman God has created you to be! This is our journey towards inner healing and spiritual transformation in pulling down the strongholds and lies that we have believed for far too long!!! I like many of you, have believed the notion that once you are saved everything becomes perfect or that you will no longer struggle with sin, have problems and will not discuss/request prayer over the sins that easily beset us because we are saved!!! 😒 😔 😒. This, I’ve discovered is a Lie from the pit of HELL!!!!! The journey towards self-actualization in Christ is a road that has a variety of routes........NO TWO WALKS ARE ALIKE, similar maybe but none alike! The truth that I’ve learned over these last four years is that no matter which twist of the road one walks on God is ALWAYS with us....though I will admit that sometimes I can’t hear, see or feel His presence near at times. What I’ve come to trust is that God IS present holding us in His arms or encouraging us to push on ahead b/c YOU got this through Him!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So I invite you to check out my page weekly for some motivational thoughts & scriptures to move you on the journey and to join me in  conversation to walk through and overcome the pain/shame you feel. This will be a safe place, so please share your journey with me and tag your friends as well. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon. #MisfitPastor #shamelessnomore #overcomer #motivationalspeaker #motivator #traumahealing
If people choose to voice their opinions about Christianity and believers being "Sheeple" I can voice my opinion as well. A few times it has brought up that Slave owners used the bible to control slaves and that Jesus was portrayed as this perfect white man that the slaves were persuaded to worship. Religion was used to control the mindset of slaves and keep them subjected to being the inferior being so to speak. But in reading the word and not being religious but having a relationship with Christ, I have a different perspective on this. The bible says "And in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose. The word also says that what the devil meant for evil, God will use it for good. I serve an All Knowing God and if slave owners gave bibles to slaves and used it against them, to me it doesn't matter how Christianity was introduced to slaves. It mattered that they were introduced to the word, which in return gave them an eternity in Glory after living a life of hell. Slave owners meant it for evil, but God knew that these people needed hope. Something to look forward to. And I know people will say well why would God allow slavery anyway. God made people, not robots. We choose to do right or wrong. It separates us from animals. Our conscious.. But to know that those who believed will now how everlasting life after what they endured gives me a sense of peace that my ancestors are walking on streets of gold and fear and pain is a feeling they will never know again! What a wise God! This life is temporary. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You will spend eternity somewhere. Someone once said "I would rather live my live as if there was a God and die and find out there isn't rather than live my life as if there isn't a God and die and find out there is... Relationship not Religion❤ Have a blessed day people!
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