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Wide Open - Hot Girls
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My fierce little lady turned 7 this month. And she really wanted to go to NYC with her best friend. 12 hours ago we picked her up and made our way to the train station. And now they are giggling together as we make the return trip north. It’s been a joy and an honor to follow these two little ladies around today. We lunched American Girl style by 30 Rock, got some serious sugar and sensory experiences at the Color Factory and cracked up while Henrietta hid under the table as a roomful of strangers sang her happy birthday while her insane frozen hot chocolate arrived at Serendipity. And there were lots of sweet little moments throughout the day - teaching the girls how to hail a cab (so fun), watching them draw one another’s portraits and letting them swing for a few minutes at a playground we passed along the way. They have begun planning how they could live across the hall from one another at a future apartment in the city (near the American Girl doll store obviously). They asked to give money to a homeless man after we passed by and they both said, “he needs help; can we help him?” And so they did. I am filled with awe and appreciation for these strong girls. And joy from busting routine wide open and doing something out of the ordinary.
~𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓹~
Part 28
Y/N p.o.v:
With that face, many questions went trough my mind. What did they do to him? I swear if he have one scar I will kill them, including Marcus.
Y/N: Marcus gunnarsen!!
I almost yelled, making him flinch.
Y/N: answer me!!
I wanted to see him, I wanted to see if he was still alive.
Marcus: he are locked inside cell.
As he said that I rush out. I didn’t know where I was going but I was running in the whole place to find him. As I was running I saw Eric standing there talking with someone.
Y/N: where is the cells?!
Eric: y/n you are awake.
Y/N: I asked you something.
He was shocked of the way I was acting but I didn’t care at all.
Eric: I can’t tell y-
Marcus: follow me.
He interrupted him. As I was following him, silence was between us.
Marcus: are you sure you are okey?
I didn’t think how I felt, I didn’t think that Marcus was seeing another girl in our relationship, I was thinking about him.
Y/N: if doesn’t matter.
Marcus: yes it does y/n, my feelings might not be there but I still love you.
He opened a big door which was dark. Totally darkness.
Marcus: he are here, be careful.
I looked at him, making a sign that he should leave. He wanted to speak but I didn’t let him. He slowly closed the door and the light suddenly went wide open and there he was. He was sitting there, handcuffed, helpless.
Y/N: omg what did they do to you?
I knew down to him worried.
Martinus: you shouldn’t be here.
He was weak.
Y/N: shhh don’t talk.
I whispered and stroke his cheek.
Martinus: why did you come back?
He whispered while we had that insane eye contact.
Y/N: Idk, something is dragging me to you.
Martinus: it’s bc I look so hot.
I rolled my eyes. It’s definitely bc he is hot.
Y/N: why did you defend me from my parents?
Martinus: bc you deserve to be treated like a princess.
I blush while he was stroking his nose on mine.
Y/N: in the shower, did you only use me for fun-
Martinus: I would never in my whole life.
He put his hand on my mouth. What am I to him?”
Do you want a kiss with y/n and Martinus?
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