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Wide Open Road View
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~New Beginnings~
Transitions are super weird and usually mean leaving something behind.
In this case, I left behind a classroom and some of the brightest smiles I have ever seen.
Wasn't an easy decision, I loved and still love my former students and those I would have had with my whole heart. 
Sometimes you know when it's your time to move on and my time came a little sooner than expected. 
I'll still be teaching, working at a new school with an entirely progressive view on education.
It's a new step on a new path, that I've never been on before which is terrifying.
But it's also exciting.
When I'm struggling with transitions I like to remind myself of the end of the 3rd Night at The Museum. Once most of the goodbyes have been said Larry goes to Teddy and says "I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow," and Teddy's response is "how exciting!"
Transitions are weird and scary but they are exciting because there's a wide open road of possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. You can choose to stay comfortable where you are and be in that comfort zone, or you can step onto that road and see what's waiting for you.
So here I am, on a wide open road.
Side note: The Night at the Museum movies do not get the credit they deserve and I will shout this from every mountain top for eternity.
Rocking my “I ❤️ my Locks” earrings beside an ites, gold and green wall with a spectacular view of Speyside behind me and thoughts of the wide open road ahead of me...that’s more than enough reason to put this massive grin on my face 😆
Happy Monday guys!
I’m pretty much ready to dominate the week ahead. I hope you are too!!!
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