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~New Beginnings~
Transitions are super weird and usually mean leaving something behind.
In this case, I left behind a classroom and some of the brightest smiles I have ever seen.
Wasn't an easy decision, I loved and still love my former students and those I would have had with my whole heart. 
Sometimes you know when it's your time to move on and my time came a little sooner than expected. 
I'll still be teaching, working at a new school with an entirely progressive view on education.
It's a new step on a new path, that I've never been on before which is terrifying.
But it's also exciting.
When I'm struggling with transitions I like to remind myself of the end of the 3rd Night at The Museum. Once most of the goodbyes have been said Larry goes to Teddy and says "I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow," and Teddy's response is "how exciting!"
Transitions are weird and scary but they are exciting because there's a wide open road of possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. You can choose to stay comfortable where you are and be in that comfort zone, or you can step onto that road and see what's waiting for you.
So here I am, on a wide open road.
Side note: The Night at the Museum movies do not get the credit they deserve and I will shout this from every mountain top for eternity.
Celebration//Vacation//All a part of the overall treatment. The last 2 weeks have seen Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, dear family & friends, one 2yr old gashed chin, sleepless nights with hard core road-trip-lagging tots, the steady reversing of stage 4 blood cancer, inner healing, crying, jamming to all kinds from Alicia Keys to Bill Withers, drinking in enchanting painted deserts & mountain tops and all that comes in between. The last couple weeks has been one for the books!! The last 3 years of the cancer journey, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy processing through: lovingly letting go of the people we once were, walking through all the ways we coped (the good & the toxic ways) & all the ways we have changed & who we are becoming. Something about wide open road that makes you scan the wide open landscape within from a different perspective. Road trips away from our home base is now a required part of Blake's vitality, healing & therapy & hence our whole tribe's. The colletive pause & soul sighs of our tribe are essential.

Have you ever felt this? You love home, Nothing like it, Nowhere else like it. But there's this dynamic we've experienced that says at home we can unravel & be. Be who we are to the innermost parts, let the core-us air out. Bc of this, the grieving & deep pain is also deeply unraveled at home, in ways it isn't elsewhere. So in some sense home base becomes hauntingly uncomfortable too. Truth: those times are an invitation to sit and let that process unravel, answering why it is uncomfortable, no matter how painful. But there's been a realization that we must step away from that too from time to time. For health’s sake, for sanity’s sake. Our capacity to continually process is finite, we can only chew so much at a time. Healing is a curious balance, a thing that we’re learning to navigate with patience & (hopefully) gracious adjustments all while continually stepping forward.

Ended the summer with an 1,100 mile road trip and was able to visit some pretty amazing people. Thank you Rick, Kat, Sarah, and the Riebes for hosting me and showing me a great time.  There's something about the wide open road that is truly amazing and I'll always cherish those moments.
And just like that we are home 🙊 After a year on the road it was so lovely to come home and see all our beautiful humans! What an epic year we have had on the wide open road chasing our dream. It’s a year we will never forget and cherish forever. We have grown so much from our travels and learnt things about each other that we may have not learnt if we hadn’t gone on this adventure. I can’t even explain in words how amazing all the places we have seen are, WOW is all I got! The people we met along the way will forever be in our hearts, honestly there are some fucking incredible people out there! If what we have done is something you would like to do I would highly recommend you go for it and make it happen 🙌🏾 I can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes us!!
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