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Wide Open Spaces - Fields & Nature ...
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I was listening to andyfrisella while riding my bike home from my miserable senior year engineering classes. Andy’s words in my ears preached the power of social media. While it was my 4th listen of this episode, this was the first time it truly made sense.
Before this moment, I spent weeks examining my life for compelling storylines. Everyone has a unique story that can add value to the world. What was mine?
My mind first went to nature/exploring. I explored often to escape from school. However, the online outdoors world already had thousands of talented people capturing mind bending photographs and stories around the world.
There was a lot of noise. Could I have stood out in this space? Perhaps, but it would’ve been an uphill battle.
It finally clicked on my bike ride. I could run with the storyline surrounding my experiences in the dirt world.
I explored online to validate my findings. There was no National Geographic of the dirt world. It was a wide open playing field.
This photo is full circle. Nature and a rino_construction dozer. A poor quality ripoff of fueledphoto’s signature style.
Olmsted Parks have a special place in my heart after living in Louisville, so whenever I have the chance to spend time surrounded by #fredericklawolmsted designs, I take it all in. I am so grateful for those who have the foresight to set apart a space designed with trees and fields and paths to enjoy for years to come in the midst of a city! 
#CentralPark is so uniquely New York, from bronze statues of literary works, to Polish Kings, to ancient Egyptian obelisks, to a castle, a zoo, and an amphitheater. It’s a fantastic blend of old and new, wide open  spaces and small secluded niches. Of busy paths and quiet benches. Of spectacular fountains and giant reservoirs and lovely little ponds for rowing and remote controlled boats. Of wild and natural and carefully manicured. Of giant sycamores and sweet little flowers. 
I was amazed (although, let’s be honest, not surprised) to see the same principles of design from the mind of the same maker, so strongly displayed, but applied in a completely different landscape, region, and city.  Simply by riding bikes around the park, and taking it all in, it becomes so obvious who helped design it, and how the design was intended to work in more than one place.  What an incredible reminder of how the Maker has designed us, all by the same principles for the same purpose, but how each of us is individually created to suit a specific role in a particular place. God is so incredibly cool ☺️ Oh, and if you’re ever in Central Park, look right when you pass the sneaky perched mountain lion statue, and you’ll see 🌳 Tree #28 ✔️ I’m pretty sure this place is up there on the favorite tree climbing list ☺️ #nyc #olmstedparks #centralpark #sheepmeadow #bethesdaterraceandfountain #cleopatrasneedlenyc #kingjagiello #jackieonassisreservoir #belvederecastle #treeclimbing
Nice poster, is not it?

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