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Love By Alexander Milov 2015 Art Them Poster #3530392348
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Alexander Milov’s sculpture, Love, appeared in the 2015 Burning Man festival, which was themed Carnival of Mirrors to reference the confusion in the modern world of media and to call into question who holds the real power, who is being tricked, and how to discover one’s genuine self in a media-saturated world (“2015 Art Theme: Carnival of Mirrors”).
Sep 16, 2015 · By Anna Gragert on September 16, 2015 Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov delighted Burning Man ‘s festival-goers with a piece that allowed them to reconnect with their inner child. The Love sculpture features two wire adult figures sitting back-to-back. Inside their frames stand two children who are reaching out to one another.
Sep 15, 2015 · Love sculpture by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov features two wire-frame adults sitting back to back with their inner child reaching out to each other from within. At night, the inner children lit up as well.
Own a piece of history and art! The jewel of 2015 Burning Man festival, a unique 24-ft statue named "LOVE", features two tubular-frame adults sitting back to back with their inner children reaching out to each other from within.


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