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Ufos Are Real A Childhood Close Encounter Poster #1362942794
ufos poster close encounter childhood ufo
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UFOs Are Real. Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the U.S. Government by Clifford E. Stone 1997. Contents • Acknowledgments • Preface • Author's Introduction • Introduction by Stanton T. Friedman • UFOs: The Beginning • UFOs and National Security
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. A UFO event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans. This type of close encounter was named by Steven M. Greer 's CSETI group and is described as bilateral contact experiences through conscious, voluntary, and proactive human-initiated cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.
Jan 12, 2018 · “One, UFOs are real; two, UFOs represent extremely advanced technology and, three, tremendous breakthroughs will happen if we make it safe for our scientists and engineers to study this phenomenon unimpeded. Many UFO believers are convinced that UFOs are powered by a “free energy” system that has no cost to produce.


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